Listing of Names, Topics, and Photographs
Found in the Collection

The following listing contains three columns. Column one is the identified subject; column two contains a reference to a location in the Neff-Guttridge Collection or in a reference work; column three contains notes. The abbreviation of sources used in the listing is given directly below.

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Reference Codes:

BD Bernard Diary
CA Confederate Agent
CW The Civil War (American Heritage)
CWR Compendium of the War of the Rebellion (Dyer)
CWT Civil War Times
CPLM Candadian Phase of Lincoln's Murder (Brombach)
DTT Death to Traitors (Mogelever)
DLWS The Day LIncoln Was Shot (Bishop)
HSS History of the Secret Service (Baker)
MFT Mask for Treason (V. Shelton)
MWKL The Man Who Killed Lincoln (Stern)
NA National Archives
PHCW Photographic History of the Civil War (Commager)
SD Stevenson Diary
SSS The Story of the Secret Service (Rowan)
STF Stranger Than Fiction (Edwards - corr. file)
TBP Turner-Baker Papers Microfilm Index T-831
TOMA This One Mad Act (Forrester)
WEBB Review by Rufus Webb in Correspondence File
WWLM Why Was Lincoln Murdered (Eisenschiml)

Index to Folders & Sources: With Notes

Abel, Joseph 000609  
Acton, John   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 245
Adams, Charles Francis 000501 WWLM
Adams, Green 000318 AKA William Green Adams
Adams, William Green 000318 AKA Green Adams; See 000301; Special Study on Lincoln Cotton Pass, Jan. 11, 1865 to Henry J. Eger
Aiken, William 000448 WWLM; MFT
Alexander, Columbus   TOMA
Alexander, General   TOMA
Alexander, Harold 000783 0074
Alexander, Julius H. (Col.) 000570 74 W. 37th Street, NY. City, 1866; City Directory, NY Public Library; 42nd Street, NYC. Local History Div.
Alexander, Lola H000240 See Potter Papers A 279
Alexander, Lola 000571 Wife of Julius H. Alexander (Col.)
Alfriend, Edward M.   TOMA
Allen, Dr.   MI- Mudd Testimony, 189, 268
Allen, E. J. (Major) 000617 See Also Alan Pinkerton
Allen, Eva Lou 000659 Wife of Leo G. Allen; Corr. No. 0041 SUNN
Alston, W., (Lt.)   TOMA
American Cryptogram Association 000278 Aug 6 1969
American Historical Review 000825 Article by Philip Van Dorn Stern
Ames, Sally 000191 m. Potter
Anderson, Major   WWLM
Anderson, Warren E. 000798 0097
Andrew, John (Gov.) 000418 WWLM
Andrews, William S.   TOMA
Angus, R. B. 0070  
Anthon, Charles 000390  
Archives; Maryland, Hall of Records 000608  
Armstrong, Frederick W. 000761 0086
Arnold, Carl 000871 Correspondence;
Arnold, Samuel 0003 ; P0003 PHCW Vol. VII, pg. 205; TOMA; WWLM; MFT; MI —Mudd Testimony — p 12
Arnold, Samuel H000003 Later Life
Ashley, James Mitchell 000457 WWLM; Congressmen from Ohio
Ashmun, George 000475  
Ashmun, Jehudi 000472  
Atrocity 000684 See Vails, Alexander
Atrocity 000685 L. R. 455; Report of Lt. Col. Reed of N. B. Forrest's Command re Fielding Hurst of Union Tenn. Cav.
Atwood, Caroline 000708  
Atzerodt, George 0044; P0044 PCHW Vol. VII, pg. 205; WWLM — his confession p 469; TOMA; MFT; MI — Mudd Testimony — p 7 etc.
Augur, C. C. (Maj. Gen.) 0106 PCHW Vol. III, pg 146; TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Aunt Sarah 0101 TOMA
Badden, Adam (Gen.)   TOMA
Badden, Joseph   TOMA
Bado, Antonio 121 Blockade Runner
Bailey, Frank 0099  
Bailey, George H000202  
Bailey, Henrietta H000198  
Bailey, Jordan B. 000153  
Bailey, Joseph 000529 See Also Haney, George
Bailey, Simon H000201  
Bainbridge, A. R. (Lieut.) 0087 TOMA, p. 276 statement re. Booth at Ferry etc.; WWLM; MFT
Baird, Marcia 000806 0089
Baker, Edward C. 000615 Sun Classics
Baker, Elizabeth 0020; P0020 TOMA; MFT
Baker, Elizabeth K. H000020  
Baker, James (John F.) 00146 Husband of Mary Baker — 0021; Father of Elizabeth Baker — 0020
Baker, Jane Curry; Jennie 0002; P0002 — A; P0002 — B MFT
Baker, Jennie Curry H000002 Hustis purchase; Baker Collection
Baker, John F. 000154 NDP
Baker, L. C.   History of the United States Secret Service. Philadelphia, 1867
Baker, L. C. 000864 OTTO Ltr.; John McGinnis; Henry J. Eager Company
Baker, L. C. in California 000001 A Filed in Pocket File with 000001
Baker, Lafayette Charles; Layfayette Charles 0001; Codicil Hg. D000-001 PHCW Vol. IV, pg 200, 202, 329; Vol. VIII pg. 280, 282; HSS — author; WEBB — re. St. Albans raid; TOMA; WWLM; MFT; CPLM
Baker, Lafayette Charles 000530 Special Study on Handwriting
Baker, Lafayette Charles 000607 Book File
Baker, Lafayette Charles H000001  
Baker, Lafayette Charles H000093  
Baker, Lafayette Charles H000095  
Baker, Lafayette Charles; 000001 P000010 With beard, civilian clothes, alone H & S; Taken in Indianapolis, Ind. 000010-6
Baker, Lafayette Charles; 000001 P000011 Alone with shotgun, tintype 000010-5
Baker, Lafayette Charles 1850 tintype H000094  
Baker, Luther B. 0055 HSS, p. 534 — statement to Stanton re. capture; TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Baker, Mary 0021; P0021 MFT
Baker, Mary K. H000021  
Baker, Phillip   ref: JAG file #327
Bank of Montreal 0068  
Banknotes, C. S. A. (Supplier)   See B. F. Ficklin 000306
Banks, General   WWLM
Banshee, Crew of 122 See 121; -Captain Jonathan W. Steele & 38 others; -Blockade Runner
Barbee Papers 000658 (Mr. E. H. Swaim)
Barndt   See Brandt
Barnes, J. K. Surgeon General 000445 TOMA
Barnes, James Virgil 000575  
Barnes, James Virgil H000073 Photo
Barnes, James Virgil H000073  
Barnett, James & Helen 000879 Re: Churchill Newcom
Barney, Thomas F. 000149  
Barney, Thomas F. 000528 See statement of T. Ewing, Jr.
Barto, Martha 000696 Mrs. Theodore G. Barto
Basore, Joe Neff 000731 0030
Bateman, George   TOMA
Bates, David H.   WWLM; MFT
Bates, Edward   WWLM
Bates, Finis L.   TOMA
Batterson, John   TOMA
Baylor, Sue Ann 000228 m. Potter
Baysinger, Samuel 000845  
Baysinger, Samuel 000845  
Baysinger, Sarah 000844  
Baysinger, Sarah 000844  
Beale The Crit. Yr. 000073 Andrew Johnson File
Beale, Colonel   Owned farm near Bryantown, (see file James F. Boyle)
Beale, Howard K. 000073 see The Critical Year; Harcourt, Brace & Co. (1930); Andrew Johnson ) 000073
Beall, John Yates   WWLM; CA; WEBB, cotton spec.; TOMA
Beamer, J. C. 121 Blockade Runner
Bean, E. D. P.   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 221
Beandt, Emma H000029  
Bear, Dr. John 000679  
Beard, Ronald 000689 Re: Eckert Papers; Diary Pages
Beard, Ronald 000879 Knew Newcom et al
Beauregard, Pierre (Gen.)   WWLM
Beckwith, Capt. S. H.   WWLM
Beecher, Henry Ward 000366 WWLM
Beekman, Charles 000882 Photographer, Carpenter; Did work for Oldroyd; worked for my father as a carpenter
Beekman, Charles 0008116 He worked for my father and knew OHO, etc.
Bell, Irving 000788 0110
Bell, William H.   MFT
Benjamin, Charles F.   WWLM
Benjamin, Judah P. 000346 TOMA
Benjamin, Park 000389  
Bennett, James Gordon 000387 (also Jr.)
Bennington 0111 ref: Herold statement — in connection with Jett
Benton, Major   TOMA
Bernard, William Robert H000011 With John Celestina
Bernard, William Robert; 000034 P000018 Sitting with Capt. John Celestina
Bernard, William Robert 0034 BD Ref. to Mathias Point in search of Booth
Berrs, Dr. Alfred H.   TOMA
Bethel, Charles 121 Blockade Runner
Bibb, George M. 000384  
Bibb, W. J.   WEBB, Alabama rejoining the Union. cotton spec.
Bickley, George E. (George W.) 00129 TOMA
Bier, George H. 000557  
Bigelow, John 000405  
Bingham, Dr. G. W.   WWLM
Bingham, John A. Special Judge Advocate 000348 TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Bishop, Charles B.   TOMA
Black, Jeremiah S. 000408 WWLM
Black, William 121 Blockade Runner
Blackburn, Dr. W. J.   TOMA; CPLM, p. 8
Blackburn, Luke Pryor MD 000304  
Blaine, James G.   WWLM
Blair, Gen. F. P.   WWLM
Blair, Montgomery 000411 WWLM
Blaney, C. 000722 0021 English Dept. ISU
Blanford, Dr. Joseph H.   MI — Mudd Testimony, P. 196, 206, 268
Blazer, Captain Richard   MFT
Blockade Runners 121 List of Blockade Runners N. A.
Blockade Runners H000069  
Boags, I. 000745 0063
Boden, J. H.   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 303
Body on the Montauk (Records) 000549  
Bonneam, Capt. T. A. 121 Blockade Runner
Book File; L. C. Baker 000607  
Booth Heirs 00635 Colony, Mrs. John J. Jr.; (Marjory)
Booth, Asia Frigga   TOMA; MFT
Booth, Blanche   TOMA
Booth, Edwin 0092 TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Booth, Izola H000053  
Booth, Izola 0039; P0036; P0037 TOMA
Booth, J. H. 000776 0117
Booth, John Wilkes 00050; P0037 PCHW Vol. VII, pg. 203, 205, 207; VIII, pg. 26, 363, 366; X, pg. 128, 338; TOMA; WWLM; MFT; MI — Mudd Testimony; CPLM
Booth, Junius Brutus   TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Booth, Lew 000802 0093
Booth, Ogarita 0040; P0035 TOMA
Booth, Ogarita H000051  
Booth, Richard   TOMA
Booth, Richard Junius   TOMA
Booth, Robert   TOMA
Booth's Diary: Missing Pages 000689 Beard, Ronald
Booz, George   MI — Mudd Testimony p 168, 271
Border's Regt. Texas Calvary 000548 Lt. Robert Nolan
Borneman, Robert 000639 Friend of Ted Nottingham's (Booth Heir)
Bossom, Ethel 000855 See Cross Index
Bossom, Ethel 000856 Daughter of John Wilkes of TH
Bossom, Ethel 000856  
Boutwell, George S. 000349 En. Amer. vol. 4, p. 356; WWLM
Bowers, Claude 000590  
Bowles, Sally H000078  
Bowles, Sally Ann 000288 Booth carried her picture; See 000287
Bowles, William (Dr.) 00128  
Bowman, Dr. William J.   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 167
Boyce, Julia Ann   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 172
Boyce, Eleanor   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 99
Boyd, Belle H000184  
Boyd, Belle H000220 Mrs. Sam Hardinge
Boyd, Belle H000221 With friend marked out
Boyd, Belle (Hardinge) 000519  
Boyd, Callie H000173 1865
Boyd, Callie H000174 1863; (Colleen)
Boyd, Capt. CSA H000245 With Louis Pence & John Rodgers
Boyd, Caroline 000655 Obituary found in den
Boyd, Caroline 000707 See also James W. Boyd 000113
Boyd, Caroline H000175 Jackson, Tenn. 1862
Boyd, Caroline & Susan H000176  
Boyd, Caroline & William H000171 Jackson, Tenn. 1862
Boyd, David 000887  
Boyd, Emma H000172 Memphis 1857
Boyd, George H. 000793 0104
Boyd, Gerald Ruddy   TOMA
Boyd, J. W. 47th Tenn. Inf.; (James Walter???) 000531 Is possibly James W. Boyd 000113
Boyd, James W. H000205 Memphis 1859
Boyd, James W. Capt. 6th Tenn. Inf. 000113  
Boyd, James W. Co. A; 23rd Va. Cav. 000558 From Frederick Co. Va.
Boyd, James W. Sgt. Co. A. 23 Va. Inf. 000558  
Boyd, James Walter 000531 See service record in James William Boyd's file 000113
Boyd, James Walter H000177  
Boyd, James William H000058  
Boyd, James William H000178 Photo of woman found in his possessions
Boyd, James William; Captain, 6th Tenn. Inf. 000113 Turner-Baker Papers; #4013; Grp. 94, N. A.; LAS Files Microcopy 5-092; Statement of Wm. Jett (Printed out Lincoln Assn Subject Files; Bound)
Boyd, Jim H000167 (Ca 5-6 yrs.)
Boyd, Jim H000170 Jackson, Tenn. 1862
Boyd, John 000308 Re: Cotton Claim (T-B Papers)
Boyd, John H000168 (Ca. 5-6 yrs)
Boyd, John H000169 1858
Boyd, John Collins 000792 0106
Boyd, John Howard   TOMA
Boyd, John M. 000677 Possibly James W. Boyd's grandfather who raised him
Boyd, Frances 000652 J W Boyd's Granddaughter
Boyd, Preston 000166 (Ca. 1862)
Boyd, Robert Hotchkiss, Sgt. USA 000820 2-19-83
Boyd, William H000171 (With Caroline, his mother)
Boyd, William C. Pvt. 000675 Goodman's Co. Newsom's (1st) Tenn. Cav.
Boyle, Charles   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 220
Boyle, Frank H000069 Blockade Runners
Boyle, Frank & Becky 000136 1857
Boyle, George   married Susan Kelly; 5 sons: James Franklin, John William (see 0113)
Boyle, J. H. Dr. Captain, CSA 0135  
Boyle, James Franklin 000291 Settled near Bryantown, Maryland in 1858 on a farm.; Died in 1880?; See also File 121 Blockade Runners; 113 John William Boyd
Boyle, John H000004 Memphis 1859; Boyle Family, Oak Ridge, Tenn.
Boyle, John William 0113 see file: 0113; MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 183, 184, 217
Boynton, General   WWLM
Bradish, Luther 000383  
Bradley, Mr.   Counsel for Mrs. Surratt; WWLM
Brady, John 121 Blockade Runner
Brandt, E. M. 0030; P0030  
Brandt, E. M. H000030  
Brandt, Elmira; Barndt, Elmira 0028; P0028 ref: IOWA Vol. IV, p. 422
Brandt, Elmira H000028  
Brandt, Emma; Barndt, Emma 0029; P0029 ref: IOWA Vol. IV, p. 422
Brandt, Thomas 000163 NDP; With Basil Whittick
Branson, Maggie H000178  
Branson, Margaret   MFT
Branson, Miss Mary A.   MFT
Branson, Mary A.   MFT
Breckenridge, John C. 000413 TOMA
Bretheren, Church of (Elder J. Kline) 000828 Martyr; Elder John Kline
Brewer, Gerald 000700 AKA James Gerald Arthur
Brewer, Robert H000187  
Brewer, Robert Arthur 000699  
Brewster, Benjamin, Esquire 00149 Attorney — Phila.; Affiliated with D'Arcy's; L. C. Baker
Bright, Jesse David 000380  
Briscoe, Becky   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 102
Britt, James H. 121 Blockade Runner
Brixley, Glenn 000808 0077
Brombach, Charles 00136 The Canadian Phase of Lincoln's Murder
Bromwell, A. H. 121 Blockade Runner
Brooke, Albin J.   MI — Mudd Testimony p 162 1/2
Brooks, Mr.   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 8
Brophy, John   MFT
Brown, Anna, with Fill H000191  
Brown, Fill & Anna H000191  
Brown, Helen H000190  
Brown, John   TOMA
Brown, Rev. S. D.   WWLM
Brown, Robert & Virginia H000193  
Brown, Virginia H000193 (With Robert)
Brown, William   WWLM
Browne, Charles Farrer 000425  
Browning, Henry C. 000561 Brother of Wm. A. Browning
Browning, Hester H000217 M* J. W. Williams
Browning, O. H. 000320 WEBB, cotton speculation; WWLM
Browning, Orville Hickman 000320  
Browning, P. W. 000552 Father of William A. Browning & Ringgold Browning
Browning, Perry W. & Family H000224  
Browning, Priscilla V. H000223 Mrs. William A. Browning
Browning, Ringgold W. 000551 Brother to William A. Browning; Son of P. W. Browning
Browning, William A. 000321 WWLM — Secretary to Johnson
Browning, William A. H000221 Marked out of Photo
Browning, William A. H000222  
Browning, William A. (Col.) 000321 Private Secretary to Andrew Johnson
Browning, William G. 000429  
Bruce, Alexander P.   WEBB — St. Albans raid
Bruce, Frederick, W. A.   WWLM
Buchanan, President James   WWLM
Buchner, Loretta H000189  
Buckman, Walter H000073  
Buell, General   WWLM
Burch, W. S.   WWLM
Burnett, Col. H. L. 000416 WWLM; MFT
Burnley, Elizabeth Ann; Eliza Ann Marshall; Mrs. J. B. Wilkes 000285 See File 000287; Booth's Women
Burnley, Helen & Hilda 000119 Taken in Bombay India
Burnside, A. E., Gen. 0107 PCHW, (throughout); B.D.; TOMA; WWLM
Burzillo, David 000774 00115
Busteed, General   TOMA
Butler, John W. 000738 0037
Butler, Rep. Benjamin F. 000352 TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Butler, Rev.   MFT
Butler, William Orlando 000379  
Byrne, Denny 000797 0098
C.S.A. Banknotes   See, Ficklin, B. F. 000306; (Printer & Purveyor)
Cabinet Meetings, A. Lincoln   Ada P. Datson (Dotson?); Tuscola, Ill.
Cadwaller, General   TOMA
Caldwell, E. L. 000305 Widow of James Thomas Caldwell 000057; 4 Children listed in Will
Caldwell, Thomas 0057 James Thomas Caldwell; Wife: Mrs. E. L. Caldwell 000305; 4 children; Worked for Chaffey & Chaffey & co.
Caldwell, Thomas H000127 Tintype for the Potter Collection
California Western University 000703  
Calumet Scientific, Inc. 000691 Camera Manufacturers
Calvert, Charles   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 17
Camera Manufacturers 000691 Calumet Scientific, Inc.
Cameron, Simon 000468 WWLM
Campbell, James H.   WWLM
Campbell, Judge J. A. 000353 TOMA; WWLM
Canadian Phase of Lincoln's Murder, The 00136 Charles Brombach — 0136
Canning, Mathew W.   WWLM
Captured and Abandoned Property Act; U. S. 000513  
Carland, Lewis   WWLM; MFT
Carlin, Edward G. 000310 (Detective with Mayors Office, Phila); Card found among possessions of George Atzerodt
Carmichael, James 000130 & GP of NDP Det's
Carpenter, Senator   WWLM
Carr, General   TOMA
Carrier, Pauline 000826 Wife of Arthur Carrier
Carrington, Henry G. 000885  
Carter, Chief Justice   WWLM
Carter, George 000566 Notary Public & Lawyer; Indianapolis
Carter, William   MFT
Cartter, George R. 000759 00 84
Case, Clifton 000817 2/19/83
Casey, William 000121 Blockade Runner
Cass, Lewis 000378  
Castleman, John B. 0060  
Caudle, Iris H000100  
Caudle, Margaret H000099  
Caudle, Rosemary Potter H000096  
Caudle, Susanne H000086  
Cavalry, 8th Penna. H000019 John Frick Col.
Cavalry, First Maryland 000629  
Cavalry, Illinois H000024 7th Ill. Cav. Lt. Col. G. W. Trafton
Celeste, Jeanette (D'Arcy) H000080  
Celeste, Joas H000011 AKA John Celestina
Celeste, Joas; Celestina, John H000069 Blockade Runners
Celeste/Celestina, Izola 000039 Izola Martha Mills; Izola Booth
Celeste/Celestina, Jeanette 000280  
Celeste/Celestina, Rudolpho 000281  
Celestina, John H000011 With Robert Bernard
Celestina, John (Capt.); Celeste (Capt.); Celestino, Joas M. 0114 NA, group 24 telegrams Montauk; NA, Union Provost Marshals File — 16462; missing 12/3/58 - 16688
Celestina, John, Captain; 000014 P000018 With William Robert Bernard, both sitting
Census, Terre Haute 000872 Excerpts
Chandler, Capt. R.   WWLM
Chandler, Senator Zachariah 000476 WWLM
Chandler, William Eaton see 000574 He married Lucy Hale, Booth's girlfriend and daughter of Senator J. P. Hale
Chase, Salmon P. 000463 Secretary of the Treasury; WWLM
Cheek & Ficklin   See Ficklin, B. F. 000306
Chesson, Frederick W. 000662 Cryptographer
Chester, Samuel Knapp   TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Chetlain, Gen. Augustus L.   WWLM
Chinn, Col. Robert C. 000736 0035
Chittenden L. E.   WWLM; CPLM — p. 4
Ciphers, Confederate 000583 Re: Mobile Dec. 10, 1864
City University of Los Angeles 000704  
Clampitt, John W.   WWLM; MFT
Clark 0112 ref: Herold's statement — Bowling Green; MFT
Clark, Henry A.   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 269
Clark, John Sleeper and Asia Booth   TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Clarke, Grace Julian 000592 Daughter of G. W. Julian
Clay, Cassius 000365  
Clay, Clement C. 0053 TOMA; WWLM; CPLM — p. 3, 12
Cleary, W. C. 000347 TOMA; CPLM — p. 12
Clendenin, Col. D. R.   MFT
Cobb, Howell 000410  
Cobb, Joseph T. Capt. CSA See 000651 Forrest's Scouts; Cobb's Ind. Scouts; See also Microfilm
Cobb, Mr.   MFT; Baker Codicil Hearing File No. 000001
Cobb, Silas, Sgt. 0047 WWLM
Coffee, Sharon 000819 2-19-83
Coffin, Lore H000069 Blockade Runners
Coffin, Loren   ref: JAG file #327
Coffin, Loren 000294 See also 121 — Blockade Runners
Cogswell (Evans & Cogswell: Scotland)   See B. F. Ficklin 000306
Colfax, Speaker 000582 Schuyler Colfax; WWLM
Collins, Charles M. 000588  
Collins, Thomas B.   WEBB, St. Albans raid
Colony, Marjory 000635 Wife of John J. Colony, Jr.; Booth descendant through Izola
Confederate Ciphers 000583 Re: Mobile Dec. 10, 1864
Conger, E. J. 0061 HSS, p. 534 — statement to Stanton re. capture; TOMA; WWLM; MFT; CPLM — p. 4
Conner, Christopher 121 Blockade Runner
Conness, John, Congressman from Cal. 000618 (See Julian Diary)
Conness, Mrs. John 000666 Corr. No. 0062; Ltr. 1977; Descendant
Conover, Sanford   TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Conspiracy Trials   TOMA
Cook, Asbell G000100 Photographer
Cook, Mary 000522  
Cook, Mary, Miss H000073  
Cook, Susan H000229 With L. T. Powell
Cook, Susan 000523  
Cook, William 000152 NDP
Cook, William 000521 NDP
Cooke, Henry 000620  
Cooke, Jay 000619  
Cooper, Alice 000241 m. Potter
Cooper, Nancy 000240 m. Potter
Cooper, Peter 000375  
Cooper, Sergeant   WWLM
Copley News Service 000669  
Copyright 000695  
Corbett, Boston 0082 TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Corliss, George Henry 000518 Steam Inventor
Corning, Erastus 000376  
Cotton Claims 000546 Also Smith-Brady Commission Report
Cotton Pass: Special Investigation 000301  
Cotton: Abandoned & Captured Property 000513 Act providing for disposal; See also 000546 — cotton claims & Smith Brady Report (Microfilm)
Coulter, W. J.   TOMA
Court of Claims, U. S. 000512  
Cowley, R. Adams 000878 Shock Trauma
Cox, Gen. Jacob C.   WWLM
Cox, Samuel Captain 0084 TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Cox, Stephan H000209 Member of Prisoner Commission, C.S.A.
Cox, Walter   Attorney for O'Laughlin; WWLM
Coyle, John F.   TOMA
Craig, Albert G. 000852 Photographer
Craig, Calvin, Lt. Col. 105th Pa Vols. 000299  
Craig, Charles W. 121 Blockade Runner
Crane, Rev.   WWLM
Craner, Ralph 000752 0072
Crawford, Lieut.   WWLM
Crawford, Cecelie 000132  
Crawford, Wesley 000131  
Cribb, Samuel 121 Blockade Runner
Crittendon, John J. 000415  
Cronninshield, Wm. W. 000586 Identified body of Booth
Crook, William   Lincoln's bodyguard; WWLM; MFT
Crown Publishers 000631  
Cummins, William 000637  
Cunningham, John 121 Blockade Runner
Curlin, Robert H000192 (With Harvey Jones)
Curtin, Andrew Gregg 000419  
Curtis, Dr. Alva 000851  
Curtis, George William 000371  
Cushing, Caleb 000363  
Cushman, Charlotte   TOMA
Custer, George Armstrong, Gen. 000444  
Cutler, James B.   WWLM
Cwenar, Frank 000768 0046
Cyphers, Confederate 000583 Re: Mobile Dec. 10, 1864
Dahlgren, Ulrich 000421 TOMA
Dana, Charles A. 0091 WWLM
Dana, David D., Lieut. 0090 WWLM
Dana, Gen. David A.    
Dana, Richard   WWLM
D'Arcy, Arthur (Arturo) 0143 (Twin of William)
D'Arcy, General & Staff 000129  
D'Arcy, Harry 000110  
D'Arcy, Harry H000069 Blockade Runner
D'Arcy, Henry 00141 TOMA
D'Arcy, James Herbert 0145  
D'Arcy, Jean Pierre Francois, Prof. 0140  
D'Arcy, Jeanette 000113 M — Valen
D'Arcy, Jeanette Celeste H000080  
D'Arcy, Madam Marguerita Celeste H000039  
D'Arcy, Marguerita Consuelo Mercedes Gabriella Celeste de nova, Madam 0142  
D'Arcy, Mary E. 000112 (nee Watson)
D'Arcy, Pierre, General & staff H000129 Potter Collection
D'Arcy, Pierre, Prof & Children 000128  
D'Arcy, Pierre, Professor & children H000128 From Potter Collection
D'Arcy, Prof Jean Pierre Francois and foster daughter, Jeannette Celeste (Celestina) P000017 The Prof. seated & Jeannette Standing; 000010-30
D'Arcy, Prof. H000080  
D'Arcy, Prof. H000081  
D'Arcy, Prof. Pierre Francois; 000140 P000016 Alone, Standing; 000010-26
D'Arcy, William Ramondo 0144 (Twin of Arthur)
Darley, Felix O. C. 000394  
Datson, Ada P. ; Tuscola, Ill. ;   Descendant of Lewis Hutchison Stanton Allegedly has notebooks of Cabinet Meetings during the Lincoln Administration
Davidson, Col. James Hamilton   TOMA; WWLM
Davis, Beaux 000663 (A. P.'s GGdtr.)
Davis, Charles J. 000791 0107
Davis, G. W. 121 Blockade Runner
Davis, Gen. H. G. 000435 Henry Gassaway
Davis, Henry Winter 000479  
Davis, Jefferson 000477 TOMA; WWLM; MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 22; CPLM
Davis, John F.   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 255, 264
Davis, John H. 121 Blockade Runner
Davis, Ross 121 Blockade Runner
Davis, Thomas   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 176, 253
Davis, Winnifred H. 000766 0044
Dawes, Congressman   WWLM
Dawson, Charles 000585 TOMA
Dawson, Robert H. 000661 (Atty. for Stanton Family)
Dayton, William L. 000403  
De Forest, Samuel 121 Blockade Runner
De Witt, David Miller   TOMA; WWLM
Deakins, Polk   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 286
Deas, Zachariah Cantrey 000503  
Debony, J. L.   WWLM
DeBow, James Dunwood Brownson 000502  
Deery, John   MFT
Dektor C.I.S. Inc. 000705 Dektor Counterintelligence Service, Inc.
Demill & Company 000831 178 1/2 Water Street
Derringer, Henry   See: Henry Derringer Pocket Pistol by Parsons, John E.; Xerox copy of the book
Derringer, Henry, Jr. of Phila. 000612 Manufacturer of the Derringer Pocket Pistol
Detectives; NDP Special Squad H000207 James E. Pappy Walker; J. D. Headley; Wm. O'Dwyer
Detectives, Mayor's Office, Phila.   Carlin, Edward G. 000310; Smith, George H. 000309; Cards found with George Atzerodt's possessions LAS files
Devoe, Ely, (Detective)   MFT
Diary, Missing pages of Booth's 000689 Beard, Ronald
Dickinson, Caroline Watson 000533  
Dictionary of American Biographies 000462  
DiMarco, Tony 000737 0036
Directory, Excerpts 000872 Terre Haute
Disraeli, Benjamin   TOMA; En. Amer. Vol. 3, pg. 373
Dix, John A. General 0093 PCHW, Vol. VII, 102, 104, 109, 196, 346; Vol. VIII, 291; Vol. X, 185, 202; TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Dodds, Wallis, Sgt. Newsom's Cav. 000685 L. R. 455; Report of Lt. Col. Reed on his murder
Doherty, Lieut. Edward P. 000584 WWLM; MFT
Dortie, W. T. 121 Blockade Runner
Doster, Colonel William E.   MFT
Dotson, L. Stanton 000660 A Stanton Heir also a pain in the —-.
Doty, James A.   WEBB, St. Albans raid
Douglas, Col. Henry Kyd   MFT
Douglas, Stephan A. 0004000  
Downing, John H.   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 190
Drake, Gilman J. 121 Blockade Runner
Drohman, Frank C. 000800 0095
Drummond, Alex 0062  
Dry Tortugas   WWLM
Duell, Charles   MFT
Dunbrack, Grant 000867 Purchased Kate Scott Papers from him.
Duncan, Mrs. Charles H.   From Conrad —- Weitzfel, Ref. Lib.; Ohio Hist. Soc.
Dunn, Charles G. P000009 Fifer; Co. B, 8th Indiana Infantry 000007-16
Dunn, William McKee 000599  
Durant, Thomas C. 000621  
Durham, Ettie Mae 000764 00103
Duvall, Laura 0008; P0008 MFT; Baker Codicil Hearings D000001; History of U.S. Secret Service L. C. Baker
Duvall, Laura H000008  
Dye, Sergeant J. M.   TOMA; WWLM
Dyer, Jerry   TOMA; MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 149, 164, 202
E Street, Washington D.C.   229 E St.; Naylor's Stable LAS 5-415
Eager, Henry & co. 000301 Filed statement of directors with U.S. Treasury on April 28, 1865, attested to by Clerk of Court, Brooklyn, New York on April 26, 1865. (Pg. 73: register of Agency Officers; N.A.) Articles filed with Clerk of Court, Brooklyn, N. Y. for registration on April 19, 1865. (Court Record; Circuit Court, Brooklyn, N. Y.) Attorney of record — Richard DeMill
Eager, Henry & Company See 000301 Cotton & Captured Property Records: National Archives; Eager & Co., Henry J.; Agricultural Pass 10,000 bales C. ; No. 17656; Do. 10,000 bales 17468; Do. 10,000 bales 17500; Eager & Co. Henry J. Contract 16991; do. do. 18568; Eager & Co. Henry J. Agency Officers; attested to by Clerk of Court, Brooklyn, N.Y. pg. 73; Register; Agency Officers: Henry J. Eager, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Roswell E. Goodell, Illinois; John McInnis, Illinois (McGinnis)
Eager, Henry J. 000536 See also Henry J. Eager & Co. & 301 Eager Cotton Pass
Eager, Henry J. & Company 000864 L. C. Baker; John McGinnis; OTTO Ltr.
Eager, James 000865 Ltr from Mary Lincoln
Earle, William B. 000646 See James W. Boyd's service record
Earle, William B. 000883 Baker (NDP) control officer
Early, Gen. Jubal 000622 WWLM
Eastwood, John 000157  
Eaton 000577 The occurrence of this Surname: Rosewell EATON Goodell
Eaton, Lottie 0105  
Eaton, Peggy O'Niell 0032; P0032  
Eaton, Peggy O'Niell H000032  
Eckert papers; Diary pages 000689 Beard, Ronald
Eckert, Thomas T. 0049 PCHW Vol. VIII, 346; X, 21 p, 24; TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Eckert, Thomas T. See 000657 Lamby The Lamby's say they have some of the papers of T. T. Eckert.
Edeline, Anna M. 000311  
Edeline, Annie M. H000126 From Frye Collection
Edwards, J. C. 121 Blockade Runner
Edwards, J. W.   TOMA pg 308
Edwards, John W. 000300 97th Pa. Vols.
Eglen, Elzee   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 111
Eglen, Sylvester   MI — Mudd Testimony p 113
Eisenschiml, Otto.   Why Was Lincoln Murdered. Boston, 1937
Ekin, Brig. Gen. Thomas   MFT
Eldredge, Representative   WWLM
Elliot, Captain   TOMA
Elliott, Thomas W., Capt. CSA See 000651 Forrest's Scouts; Elliot's Ind. Scouts; See also Microfilm
Ellsler, John 000581 Associate of Booth; Theater Manager
Emery, General   TOMA
Endicott, William C.   TOMA
Erwin, Caspor 000680 Killed by James W. Boyd at White Oak Swamp, Va. on June 30, 1862 or thereabouts
Estill, Robert 000669 Copley News Ser.
Evans & Cogswell   (Scotland, G. B.); See Ficklin, B. F. 000306
Evans, E. W. 121 Blockade Runner
Evans, William A.   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 223
Ewing, Thomas, Gen. 0104 ref. WWLM; CT; PHCW Vol. X pg 207 p; MFT
Ewing, Thomas, Sr. 000510 Thos. Jr. 000104
Farnum, Susan H000186  
Farragut, David G. 000424  
Farrell, F. R.   MI — Mudd Testimony, - p. 304
Farrington, Adele   TOMA
Farwell, Governor   WWLM
Farwell, S. P. 121 Blockade Runner
Fayen, Philip 000771 00050
Fechter, Charles   TOMA
Fennians 00134 En. Amer. Vol. 11, p. 116; Vol. 15, p. 317 (Ireland); Canadian uprising Sept. 1865 —May 1866
Ferguson, James P.   WWLM
Ferguson, W. J.   MFT
Fernandina, Capt.   TOMA
Ferrentino, William 000688  
Ferry, August 121 Blockade Runner
Ficklin, Benjamin F. 000306 WEBB, cotton spec.
Ficklin, Benjamin Franklin 000103  
Field, Charles William 000480  
Field, Cyrus West 000361  
Field, Maunsell B. 000442 WWLM
Fillmore, Millard 000382  
Filson Club, The 000862  
Finnell, James B. H000179  
Finney, Wm. W.   See Ficklin, B. F. 000306
First Maryland Cavalry 000629 See also Arnold, Samuel B. & Michael O' Laughlin
Fish, Hamilton 000398  
Fisher, James M. 000165  
Fisher, James M. 000527  
Fisher, Judge   WWLM
Fisherkeller, L. W. 000742 0042
Fissel, Louise 000874  
Fitch, John 000115  
Fitch, John H000069 Blockade Runners
Fitch, John L. 000293 1st Mate, Brig Indian Queen; See also File 121 — Blockade Runners
Fitzgerald, Michael S. 000757 0082
Fitzpatrick, Honora (Nora)   MFT; MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 290
Flannery, John 000496  
Fletcher, John   WWLM
Flower, Frank A.   WWLM
Floyd, John B. 000407  
Flynn, Nigel 000161 NDP
Foote, Admiral   WWLM
Foote, Senator Henry Stuart 000511 WWLM
Forbes, Charles   WWLM
Forbes, Lottie 0031; P0031  
Ford, Henry Clay   TOMA
Ford, John T.   TOMA; WWLM; MI — Mudd Testimony p. 293
Ford, Jos. R.   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 175
Ford's Theater 000542  
Forney, Col D. C.   WWLM
Forney, Col. J. W.   WWLM; CPLM — p. 14
Forrest, Edwin 000395  
Forrester, George 000579 TOMA
Forrester, Mrs. George See 000579 TOMA
Forrester, Izola 0041; P0034 TOMA, author
Forrester, Izola H000034  
Forrester, Izola   This One Mad Act. Boston, 1937 Hale, Cushman & Flint
Forrest's Scouts 000651 See also Microfilm; Capt. Joseph T. Cobb's Company; Thomas W. Elliott's ; Addison Harvey's ; Thomas Henderson's ; Thomas N. Kizer's ; Sander's
Foster, Brig. Gen. Robert S.   MFT
Foster, Col. John A.   WWLM; MFT
Fowler, Robert H.   New Cumberland, Pa. ; 717-774-1654
Fox, Asst. Sec. of Navy   WWLM
Fox, Col. A. C. 000805 0090
Francis, J. C. 121 Blockade Runner
Frank, James F. 000174  
Franklin, Benjamin 000543 Diplomat
Franklin, Benjamin 000544 Police Chief; City of Philadelphia
Franklin, General   TOMA
Frazer, H. B. 121 Blockade Runner
Freese, Jacob R.   Asst. JAG, Alexandria; First N. J. Regt.; Trenton N. J.
Fremont, John C. 000402  
French, Adam 121 Blockade Runner
Frick, John 0019; P0019  
Frick, John H000019 Co. L, 8th Penna. Cav.
Fry, Gen. James B.   WWLM
Frye, James 0100  
Frye, James Marshall H000005 2 views
Frye, James Marshall; 000100 P000014 Oval H&S tintype, as a young man
Fulford, Mrs. Robert   TOMA
G. P. Putnam Sons   200 Madison Avenue; New York, New York; Phone: Mu. 4-7300
Galliart, Gary 000537 Conservation Officer; Wild Cat Den State Park; Rt. 3, Muscatine, Iowa 52761
Gamble, Gen.   WWLM
Gardener, Thomas L.   TOMA; MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 76, 188
Gardiner, Benjamin W.   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 252, 294
Gardiner, Marcellus   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 204
Gardner, Cecil 121 Blockade Runner
Gardner, Mary J.   MFT
Garfield, James A.   WWLM
Garrett, John W.   TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Garrett, Richard   TOMA; MFT
Garrett, Robert   WWLM
Garrett, William   WWLM
Garrison, William Lloyd 000368  
Gatling, Richard Jordan 000514 Gatling Gun
Gavacan, Simon   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 73
Geller, Schuyler, M. D. 000837  
Gemmecke, Richard 000824 Dean, Arts & Sciences, ISU etc.
Genealogy: the Mormon Files 000682  
George, David E.   TOMA
Gerrighan, Michael 000116  
Gerrighan, Michael 00123 Montauk telegrams; Photo © 1968 RAN
Giddings, Joshua Reed 000344  
Gifford, James J.   WWLM
Gilbert, C. W.   WWLM
Gilbert, Dorothy 000804 0091
Gile, Col.   WWLM
Gillette, The Rev. Dr. A.   MFT
Gillmore, Quincy Adams 000423  
Gilman, Andrew   TOMA
Gilman, Susan   TOMA
Gilmore, James Robert 00517 With Jacquess, Col. on Peace Mission to Richmond
Girard, A. P. 121 Blockade Runner
Gleason, Capt. D. H. L.   WWLM; MFT
Glenn, Samuel   TOMA
Glover, John Milton 000854  
Gobright, L. A.   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 298
Godleski, Edith 000711 News clipping from Miami 0008
Goodell, Roswell E. 000534  
Goodman, Sally or Sarah 000697 Sally Snyder
Goodrich, Samuel G. 000388  
Gorham, George C.   WWLM
Got, Francois-Jules Edmond   TOMA
Gould, James S. 121 Blockade Runner
Govan, Morse F. H000216  
Govan, Morse F. 000524 Treasury Clerk; Co F. 3rd Va. Inf. Local Defenses
Graham, Charles B. 000790 0108
Grant, Fred   WWLM
Grant, General Grant, Jr. H000001 P. T. Barnum's
Grant, U. S. 000042; 0042 PCHW (throughout); En. Amer. Vol. 13, p. 135; TOMA; WWLM; MFT; CPLM — p. 3, 6
Grant, Ulysses S. H000064  
Gratton, John   WWLM
Gray, Dr.   WWLM
Gray, Mrs. Harold 000753 0073
Greeley, Horace 000453 TOMA; The American Conflict (author); WWLM
Green, D.(andridge) M.(ercer) 000339 Blockade Runner; Charged as accomplice of Ass'n.
Greene, David B. 000801 0094
Greene, Lewis 000295 See Also 121 — Blockade Runner; Ref in Oldroyd Collection
Greene, Lewis H000069 Blockade Runners
Greene, Nanny 000539 Wife of Thomas
Greene, Thomas 000539 See LAS & T-B Papers; Wife: Nanny Greene
Greenwalt, John   MFT
Gregg, David M. M., Gen. 000437  
Gregg, Samuel S.   WEBB, St. Albans raid
Gregory, Ruth Delia 000827  
Grenfel, George, St. 0054  
Grief, Mary N. 000727 0026
Grimes, James Wilson 000481  
Grimley, F. A. 121 Blockade Runner
Grimm, Carl David (Jr.) 000330 See Col. Stoner/Steiner 000329
Grissom, Simon 121 Blockade Runner
Grogan, Marcella Price 000810 0079
Gurley, Ralph Randolph 000506  
Gwinn, Benjamin F.   TOMA; MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 145; Capt. Gwynn — p. 17; MFT — p. 277; Peterson — p. 93
Gwinn, Senator William M.   TOMA
Hale, Bessie 000574 See Lucy Hale; Her picture was found in Booth's diary but has erroneously been identified as one of the pictures at the Lincoln Museum.
Hale, Lucy Lambert 000574 WWLM; Erroneously called Bessie Hale by Roscoe and others.; She was the daughter of Senator J. P. Hale & married W. E. Chamber.
Hale, Senator John Parker 000573 TOMA
Hale, Susan 000159 m. Potter
Hall of Records; Maryland 000608  
Hall, Dr. James C.   MFT
Hall, James O. 000279  
Halleck, Gen. Henry W.   WWLM
Hamilton, Andrew Jackson 000345  
Hamilton, Theodore   TOMA
Hamilton, William H.   TOMA
Hammond, James Henry 000504  
Hampton, Wade, Gen.   TOMA
Hancock, General   WWLM; MFT
Hancock, S. D. 121 Blockade Runner
Handwriting, Special Study 000530 L. C. Baker
Haney, George 000297 13th Ind. Cav.
Hankins, Sue Ann 000239 m. Potter
Hanscom, S. P.   WWLM
Hansell, Elizabeth Ann H000255 Wife of Webster Emerick Hansell 000597 & H000185
Hansell, Emerick   U.S. Census; 1960; pg. 148; Roll 1.2; No. 1005
Hansell, Emerick 0109 ref: O'Laughlin statement; attacked at Seward's on 4/14; CW — Oct. 59, p. 98; MFT
Hansell, Emerick H000204  
Hansell, Webster Emerick H000185 This was the Emerick Hansell that died on April 15, 1865 in Washington.; Source: Mrs. Virginia Bell of Connorsville, Indiana
Hanson, Ed 0110 See: Hanson, Hynson; ref: JAG file # 327
Harbin, Thomas H.   TOMA
Hard, Dr. Abner   WWLM
Harden, M. A. 121 Blockade Runner
Hardie, Gen.   WWLM
Hardinge, Sam H000220 Belle Boyd
Hardy, John F.   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 195, 306
Harley, Judith 000204 m. Potter
Harner, Agnes, with Carol H000188  
Harner, Carol & Agnes H000188  
Harper, Leona 000229 m. Potter
Harper's Ferry   WWLM
Harpin, J. T. 121 Blockade Runner
Harris, Clara   WWLM; MFT
Harris, Kathleen 000664 700 South Norman Eve.; Evansville, IN 47714
Harris, Major 0080  
Harris, T. M.   TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Harris, Thomas   ref: JAG file #327
Harrison, Burton   TOMA
Harrison, James 000471  
Hartranft, General   WWLM
Harvey, Addison, Capt. CSA See 000651 Forrest's Scouts (see microfilm); Harvey's Ind. Scouts
Harvey, R. F.   TOMA
Haskell, Leonidas 000623  
Hatter, Sergeant, John C.   WWLM; MFT
Hawk, Harry   WWLM
Hawkes, Elliott 000159 NDP
Hawkins, Daniel W. 0133 Mudd Testimony p. 290; The Old Englishman; First Mate on J. Celestina's Ship
Hawks, Kathleen 000315 Baker Codicil Hearing Witness; Photo; also MFT
Hawks, Kathleen H000124  
Hawley, J. R.   WWLM
Hay, John Milton 0013; P0013 TOMA; WWLM; CPLM — p. 4
Haynes, George Cleve 000750 0070
Hays, John Coffee 000362  
Headley, J. D. 000605 NDP Detective
Headley, J. D. H000207 NDP Special Squad; with O'Dwyer & Walker
Headley, J. W. (Lt.) 0065  
Headley, Joel Tyler 000603 Historian
Headley, Phineas 000604 MFT; L. C. Baker's ghost-writer
Helm, Mrs.   WEBB, half sister of Mrs. Lincoln's
Helm, W. W. 121 Blockade Runner
Henderson, Alexander   TOMA
Henderson, Capt. Thomas H. 000650 See also Forrest's Scouts (Microfilm); See Also Thomas Henderson's Independent Scouts, Forrest's Scouts
Henderson, Homer J. 000795 0100
Henderson, Molly 000176 m. Potter
Henderson, Samuel 121 Blockade Runner
Henry, Joseph 000374  
Henry, Son of Aunt Sarah 0102 pg. 269 TOMA (boat at the River) Jones statement; pg. 299 WWLM tracking down Henry; Stevenson statement; Oldroyd
Henry, Thomas Eaton 000576  
Hensley, Ann H000195  
Henson, Clara 000146  
Henson, Ed 0110 See Hanson, Hynson
Henson, Ed P000004 AKA Hynson, Hanson 000110
Henson, Edwin H000006 See also Hynson, Henson, Hanson
Henson, Edwin H000069 Blockade Runner
Hernandez, Francis 121 Blockade Runner
Herold, (Mrs. Nelson) 000145 David H.'s sister
Herold, David 000144  
Herold, David 0006; P0006 TOMA; WWLM; MFT; MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 7 etc.
Herold, David H000069 Blockade Runner
Herold, Jane   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 290
Herold, Kate 000142  
Herold, Emma 000141  
Herold, Mrs. Mary 000140  
Herr, Joseph H. 000716 0013
Herrin, Raymond C. 000777 00118
Hershberger, Louis 000881  
Herssell, Edward C. 121 Blockade Runner
Hewett, Abram Stevens 000420  
Heyer, Joe 000743 0059
Hicks, G. C.   (Columbia, S.C.); See Ficklin, B. F. 000306
Hill & Ficklin   See Ficklin, B. F. 000306
Hill, Gen. A. P.   WWLM
Hill, Lieutenant   TOMA
Hilliard, Capt. E. W.   TOMA
Hilton, W. E. 121 Blockade Runner
Hines, T. H. (Capt.) 0048 C. A. (throughout); PCHW Vol. VIII pg. 302
Hines, Thomas H000091  
Hobart, Carroll T.   MFT
Hobson, M. L. 000306 Was English Agent for Benjamin F. Ficklin
Hoey, Mary Ann H000125 From Frye Collection
Hoey, Mary Ann, Mrs. 000312  
Hoey, William   ref: JAG file #327
Hogan, Henry   CLPM — p. 2
Hohday, Charles 121 Blockade Runner
Hohson, M. L. 121 Blockade Runner
Holcombe, Col. J. P.   TOMA; CPLM, p — 2
Hollahan, John T.   MFT; MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 273
Hollahan, Mrs. Eliza   MFT
Holland, J. C.   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 302
Holloway, L. K. B.   MFT p. 415 Statement re. man at Garretts; TOMA; MFT
Holt, J..A.G., Joseph 000406 TOMA; WWLM; MFT; CPLM — p 10
Homer, Eaton   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 80
Hooker, General Joseph 000430 TOMA; WWLM
Hooper, R. H. 121 Blockade Runner
Hopper, A. Warren 000880  
Horner, Ethan   MFT
Hotel Register; St. Lawrence Hall 000876 PC's
Hottel Genealogy 000857 Cross to Wilkins Genealogy
Howard, General   TOMA; WWLM
Howard, Lisa H000079  
Howard, Senator   WWLM
Howe, Brig. Gen. Albion P.   MFT
Howe, Mr.   MI — Mudd testimony p. 12
Howell, Augustus S.   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 171
Howell, Spencer   WWLM
Hudspeth, Mrs. Mary   WWLM
Hughes, James B., Judge 000469  
Hunter, A.   WWLM
Hunter, Maj. Gen. David   TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Hunter, R. M. T. 000354 TOMA
Huntington Library 000600  
Hurlburt, General 0023; P0023  
Hurlburt, Samuel, Gen USA H000023  
Hurst, E. H. 121 Blockade Runner
Hurst, Fielding, Col. Union Tenn. Cav 000685 L. R. 455; Report of Lt. Col. Reed of N. B. Forrest's Command on atrocities committed by Hurst's command in W. Tenn.
Hurwitz, Michael R. 000739 0038
Hutchinson, William W.   CA; WEBB, St. Albans raid
Huttner, Richard, Agent 000709 330 East 33rd Street; New York, N. Y. 10016
Hyman, Prof. Harold M. 000647 Dept. of History; Rice University; Houston, Texas 77001
Hynson, Clara 0111 Cousin of Dr. May
Hynson, Ed 0110 see Hanson, Henson
Hynson, Edwin H000059  
Hynson, Clara 000146  
Iles, George   TOMA
Illinois Cavalry H000024 Lt. Col. G. W. Trafton, 7th Ill. Cav.
Independence Hall H000067  
Indiana Historical Society 000668  
Infra-red Scanners 000654  
Ingalls, Col. Rufus   WWLM
Ingraham, H. N. 121 Blockade Runner
Ingraham, Prentiss   TOMA
Ingram, Lisa Howard H000079  
Inman, John Hamilton 000497  
Investigation, Special NDP 000328 1870; Lew Wallace, Special J. A.
Irving, Henry   TOMA
J. and J. Chaffey Company 0071 MFT
Jackson, Gen. Thomas J. 000550 WWLM
Jackson, Mary 000724 0023
Jackson, Susan M.   WWLM
Jacquess, James Frazier, Col., Rev. 000517  
Jamison, Ficklin, Powell & Co.   See Ficklin, B. F. 000306
Jamison, Rufus 121 Blockade Runner
Jarboe, James Judson   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 278
Jenkins, C. T. 121 Blockade Runner
Jenkins, Olivia   MFT
Jennett, J. W. 121 Blockade Runner
Jennie Baker The; (Steam Sloop) 000323 A captured steam sloop used by The National Detective Police.
Jerome, Thomas   Thomas Jerome McGittigen 000283; TOMA p. 469
Jett, William 000106 Pvt. CSA
Jett, William S., Capt. 0089 ref: Herold's statement — no mention of Ruggles or Bainbridge; TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Jewett, William C. 000441  
Jewitt, Hugh J.   TOMA
Jewry, C. P. 121 Blockade Runner
Johnson, Albert E. H.   WWLM
Johnson, Andrew 0073 TOMA; WWLM; MFT; CPLM
Johnson, Beverdy   MFT
Johnson, Bradley T., Gen.   TOMA
Johnson, Charles 121 Blockade Runner
Johnson, Edward, Gen.   TOMA; WWLM
Johnson, Emma 00130  
Johnson, Emma H000076  
Johnson, Henry 000134 Booth's valet; with Clem Pierson
Johnson, John, Seaman USS Mahopac 00127 Committed to hospital for the insane
Johnson, Primus   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 219
Johnson, Robert 121 Blockade Runner
Johnston, Gen. Albert Sidney   WWLM
Johnston, Joseph E., Gen.   TOMA
Jones, Earl E. 000610 Watson biographer
Jones, Elizabeth 0026; P0026  
Jones, Elizabeth Kelly H000026  
Jones, Francis 00131  
Jones, Harvey H000192 with Robert Curlin
Jones, J. B. 121 Blockade Runner
Jones, John Beauchamp   A Rebel War Clerk's Diary (Xerox copy)
Jones, Samuel   WWLM
Jones, Thomas H000027  
Jones, Thomas H000069 Blockade Runner
Jones, Thomas P000005 000027; Oval, head-and-shoulders
Jones, Thomas A. 0027 TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Jones, William   ref: JAG file #327
Jones, Wilma N. 000756 0081
Judson, G. P.   TOMA
Julian, Congressman   WWLM
Julian, George Washington 000591  
Kaeges, Susie M. 000789 0109
Kaighn, ,Margaret   MFT
Kasson, John A.   WWLM
Kautz, Major Gen. August V.   MFT
Keene, Laura 0096 TOMA; WWLM
Kellams, Richard 000741 0040
Kelley, James   TOMA
Kelly, Anna see file 0113A B. March 10, 1817, D. August 26, 1888 Married Isaac Tyson, Baltimore Maryland
Kelly, Brian see file 0113A B. Dec. 8, 1810, D. Feb. 5, 1872 married Sue Bates, 5 children
Kelly, Elizabeth (Jones) see 0026; also 0113A B. Jan. 6, 1820, D. ?; married: Thomas Jones (0027) Bryantown, Md.; ? Bowker, Bristol, Pa.; ? Simpson, Baltimore, Md.
Kelly, James see file 0113A B. Dec. 12, 1814, D. Feb. 8, 1920
Kelly, Mary see file 0113A B-July 12, 1808, D. 1870 married: James Baker of Bucks, Pa. (see 0021)
Kelly, Nancy see file 0113A B. April 5, 1824, D. ?
Kelly, Richard see file 0113A B. Sept. 8, 1819, D. Jan. 5, 1900
Kelly, Shawn H000069 Blockade Runner
Kelly, Shawn H000077  
Kelly, Shawn P000006 000013
Kelly, Shawn; # 000290 see file 0113 B. July 8, 1822, D. 1869; He and two of his sons were hanged as Fennians in the Irish Rebellion
Kelly, Susan see file 0113A B, Dec. 5, 1811, D. 1881 married George Boyle, Franklinville, Tenn. Five sons (see file 0113A)
Kelly, Thomas see file 0113A B. March 5, 1816, D. August 12, 1863
Kemp, Florence   TOMA
Kendall, Keith R. 000747 0066
Kennedy, Capt. John   WWLM
Kennepeck, J. 121 Blockade Runner
Kenner, Duncan   TOMA
Kent, Ficklin & Peyton (Va.)   See Ficklin, B. F. 000306
Kentucky State Library 000595  
Kenzie, Wilson, D.   TOMA
Keystone Driller Co. H000241 Beaver Falls, Pa.; Rig with Louis Bence & Russell Weaver
Killian, Doran 0137 (a Fenian) See also Fenians — 0134
Kilpatrick, Judson 000440  
Kimbel, Robert Allan 000242  
Kimbel, Susan Potter 000161  
Kimble, Walter 000778 00119
King, Horatio   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 299, 211
King, Preston 000404 MFT
King, William 121 Blockade Runner
Kingsley, Samuel G.   TOMA
Kizer, Thomas N., Capt. CSA See 000651 Forrest's Scouts (see also Microfilm); Kizer's Ind. Scouts
Kline, Elder John 000828 Bretheren Martyr
Knights of Golden Circle 000474 MI, p 154 — Mudd Testimony; En. Amer. Vol. 16, p. 485; TOMA
Knights of the Golden Horseshoe 000474 TOMA
Knights Templar   TOMA
Knoff, Alfred A. Inc.   501 Madison Avenue; New York, New York; Phone: PI 1-2600
Knox, J. S.   WWLM
Koeppen, James R. 000782 0123
L.R. 455; Report of Lt. Col. Reed of N. B. Forrest's Command on atrocities committed by Col. F. Hurst of Union Tenn. Cav. 000685  
Lackey, Samuel E.   WEBB, St. Albans raid
Lafayette, General   TOMA
Laird, Thomas   MFT
Lamar, Lucius Q. 000396  
Lamon, Ward H. 000464 WWLM
Lane, Gen. James H. of Kansas 000465 MFT; see also James Henry Lane of Virginia
Lane, James Henry of Virginia 000466 see also James Henry Lane of Kansas
Lane, Joseph 000414  
Langley, John T.   MI — Mudd testimony, p. 249
Lanier, James F. D. 000461  
Lapidus, Henry 000717 0014
Lassard, Robert W. 121 Blockade Runner
Latham, Senator   WWLM
Laughlin, Clara E.   WWLM
Lavaque, William 0022; P0022  
Lavaque, William H000022  
Law, George 000358  
Lawrence, Alex 121 Blockade Runner
Leach, Joseph 121 Blockade Runner
Lee, Robert E., Gen.   TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Leeds, Thomas 000830 Statement (Potter)
Lemos, Marcellus 000563 AKA Henry Marcellus
Lemos, Marcellus H000214 AKA Henry Marcellus
Lewis, Lloyd   TOMA; WWLM
Lie Detection 000698 Hagoth
Lieber, Francis 000372  
Lieding, Robert K. Sr. 000725 0024
Ligget, Larry 000821 2-19-83
Lincoln Assassination Suspect Files 000882 Microcopy
Lincoln Cotton Pass 000301 Special Investigation
Lincoln Herald 000520 1948
Lincoln Log 000638 Richard Sloan
Lincoln, Abraham 0033; P0033 TOMA; WWLM; PCHW; WEBB - plot to kill Lincoln; HSS — p. 465 — threats against Lincoln; MFT; CPLM
Lincoln, Abraham & Tad H000033 Autographed photo A. Lincoln & Tad
Lincoln, Mary 000865 Ltr. Re: James Eager
Lincoln, Mary 0036 WWLM; WEBB; TOMA
Lincoln, Robert 0038 WWLM
Lincoln, Tad 0035; P0035  
Lincoln, William 0037  
Linville Partisan Rangers 000841  
Littleton, Sheryl A. 000644 440 Jean Avenue; Stockton, CA 95207
Lloyd Library 000873 Cin. Ohio
Lloyd, John M. 0052 WWLM; MFT; MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 38
Lloyd, Joshua   MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 51
Lockwood, Robert 121 Blockade Runner
Lockwood, Robert W. 121 Blockade Runner
Logan, General   TOMA; WWLM
Lomax, Lindsay L. 000568 See: Leaves from an old Washington Diary by Elizabeth Lindsay Lomax (Xerox)
Long   ref: JAG file #327
Loudon County, Virginia 000879 Scene of Murder of Churchill Newcom
Louisville Public Library 000863  
Louisville, KY 000593  
Loux, Arthur 000809 0080
Lovett, Alexander, Lieut. 0094 WWLM; MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 39
Lowden, Carl 000758 0083
Lowell, James Russell 000370  
Lucas, Francis   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 134
Lucas, William H000069 Blockade Runner
Lukehart, Pamela 000875 Letter
Lully, Anthony   WWLM
Lyle, J. Henry 000158 NDP
Lynch, Joseph 000653  
Lyon, Caleb 000428  
MacDowell, General   TOMA
Mack, Rick 000787 00111
Macuen, Malcolm 121 Blockade Runner
Maddern, Minnie   TOMA
Maddox, James 0095 WWLM
Madison, Indiana 000478  
Magill, H. (Dr.) 0115 Son in law of Daniel Watson 0066
Mahoney, Jesse 000114  
Mahoney, Jesse H000069 Blockade Runner
Mahoney, John (Jesse) 000289 See also File 121; Blockade Runner
Mahoney, Ella V.   TOMA
Mainwaring, Andrew C.   WWLM
Mann, A. Dudley   TOMA
Marcellus, Henry 000563 AKA Marcellus Lemos
Marcellus, Henry H000214 AKA Henry Lemos ; Marcellus Lemos
Marcy, Randolph Barnes 000417  
Marcy, William Learned 000364  
Marrs, Thomas 121 Blockade Runner
Marshall, Elizabeth Ann 000285 AKA Elizabeth Ann Burnley; One of Booth's Women see 000287
Marshall, Walter 000342 Law partner of Benjamin Brewster
Marshall, William   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 119
Marshall, William 121 Blockade Runner
Marston, John 000160 NDP
Martin 000685 Pvt. Wilson's Cav.; L. R. 455; Report of Lt. Col. Reed on his murder
Martin, D. Randolph 000624  
Martin, Eddy   WWLM
Martin, John S. 0015; P0015  
Martin, John S. H000015  
Maryland 000614 Prince George County
Maryland Cavalry, First 000629  
Maryland: Hall of Records 000608  
Massie, W. O. 0063  
Matthews, John   TOMA; MFT
Mattox, James L.   TOMA
Maury, Dabney H., Gen.   TOMA
May, Frederick, Dr. 0103 ref: TOMA; CT letter to his Cousin Clara (Copy); MFT
Maynard, George C.   MFT
McAllister, Samuel   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 126
McAnerney, Col. John A.   TOMA
McArdle, Matthew 121 Blockade Runner
McBane, Bridgit 000314 Baker Codicil Hearing Witness; Photo; MFT
McBane, Bridgit Kelly H000122  
McCartney, Clarence E.   WWLM
McClellan, G. B. General 0108 PCHW (throughout); WWLM
McCluer, Gaylord 000884  
McCloskey, John 000507 Archbishop of NY (RC)
McCloskey, William George 000508 RC Prelate
McCluer, Gaylord S. - Notary Public 000567 Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co.; See also 564
McClure, Alexander Kelly 000460  
McClurg, Alexander Caldwell 000456  
McClurg, Joseph Washington 000455  
McCook, Alexander McDowell 000484  
McCormick, Cyrus H.   WWLM
McCoy, J. N.   TOMA
McCracken, Brian 00139  
McCulloch, Hugh   WWLM
McCullough, John C.   TOMA; WWLM; MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 14
McDavitt   WWLM
McDevitt   MFT
McDowell, Gen. Irwin   WWLM
McGill, Henry, M. D. 000509  
McGill, Henry, M. D. H000061  
McGill, John 000505 Bishop of Richmond (RC)
McGinnis, John 000864 Re; Henry J. Eager Company; L. C. Baker; OTTO Ltr.
McGinnis, John Jr. 000535  
McGittigan, Thomas 000882 Special Study of Booth Doubles
McGittigen, Thomas 000283 Booth's Double; See TOMA pg. 469
McGown, Capt. Theodore   TOMA; WWLM
McGroty, Joseph   WEBB, St. Albans raid
McIlvaine, C. P. 000449 (Bishop)
McKern, Robert 121 Blockade Runner
McLean, Major H. N.   WWLM
McMurtry, Robert Gerald 000823 Historian, Lincoln National Life Ins. Foundation ETC . . . . . .
McPhail, Provost Marshal   WWLM
McPherson, John   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 248
McPherson, Mason L.   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 247
Meade, General (George G.) 000431 TOMA; WWLM
Meagher, General Thomas F. 000426 TOMA
Mease, James 000482  
Meeks, H. L.   MFT
Megill, Henry, M. D. 000509 See also McGill
Meigs, Major Gen. M. C.   WWLM
Meister, Kyle 000769 0048
Memphis Investigation 000325 NDP (Began June '64)
Mendosa, Izola Maria   TOMA
Mends, David 000740 0039
Merrick, William   TOMA; WWLM
Merrit, Dr. James B.   WWLM
Merritt, Wesley 000438  
Messenger, The 000839 Kermon Tomasson, Editor (1985)
Middleton, Elija C. 0000177  
Miles, Col.   WWLM
Miller, Ernest C. 000760 0085
Miller, Steve 000779 00120
Miller, Thomas   WWLM
Mills, (Izola Martha — Booth) 000849 TOMA; Izola Booth's cousin See statement of :
Missouri Botanical Gardens 000307 See also Henry Shaw
Mitchell, Maggie    
Mitchell, Ruth Boyd 000763 00102
Monroe, C. R. 000156 Beech Grove, Indiana
Monroe, Daniel E.   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 297
Monroe, Seaton 000587  
Montauk 000549 Records of body on
Montgomery, Commodore J. B.   TOMA
Montgomery, J. H.   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 198
Montgomery, Richard   WWLM
Montreal Meeting 000324 (Booth et al, Oct. 18, '64)
Mooney, Larry 000671  
Moore, Dudley   WEBB, St. Albans raid
Moore, Emma H000197  
Moore, Jane O. 000719 (Mrs. John M.) 0018
Morgan, David 121 Blockade Runner
Morgan, John Hunt, Gen.   CA; WEBB, p. 2, Morgan's raiders
Morgan, John Pierpont 000625  
Morgan, Richard C.   (Detective); MFT
Morgan, William 000355  
Mormon Files 000682 Genealogy
Morris, Clara   TOMA
Morris, D. W. 000734 0033
Morris, Frederick   ref: JAG file #327
Morris, Gen.   WWLM
Morrissey, John 000447  
Morse, Sidney   TOMA
Morton, Oliver P. 000356 C. W. Governor of Indiana etc.
Mosby, J. S. 000870 George Nichols, RE
Mosby, John Singleton (Col.) 000483 ref: George Nichols file; CA (throughout); PCHW Vol. II & IV; TOMA
Moses, W. B. 121 Blockade Runner
Moskowitz, Robert A. 000799 0096
Mould, James 000775 00116
Mount Olympus 0069; P0069A; P0069B letter re. Col. Allstadt and deed
Mount, William Sidney 000393  
Mowry, Robert G.   WWLM
Moxley, Basil   TOMA
Mt. Olympus 000120 The Booth Farm at Harper's Ferry
Mudd, Fannie   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 237
Mudd, George D.   TOMA; WWLM; MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 179, 295
Mudd, Henry L. Jr.   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 193, 267
Mudd, Jeremiah F.   MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 140
Mudd, Jeremiah T.   MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 128
Mudd, Mary   MI — Mudd testimony — p. 282
Mudd, Emily   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 240
Mudd, Nettie   MFT
Mudd, Richard, M. D. 000636 Dr. Sam Mudd's grandson
Mudd, Samuel A. (Dr.) 0010; P0010 TOMA; WWLM; MI — Conspiracy Trial Testimony; MFT; CPLM — p. 8
Mudd, Samuel, M. D. H000010  
Mudd, William A.   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 174
Munday, C. M.   TOMA
Murden, E. O. 121 Blockade Runner
Murdoch, J. J.   TOMA
Murphy, R. C., Col. 8th Wisc. Inf. 000553 Surrendered Holly Springs, Miss. to rebels; Cashiered by Grant
Murphy, W. 121 Blockade Runner
Murray, Marshal   WWLM
Murray, Martha   MFT
Murray, Mrs. Mary   MI — Mudd Testimony p 11
Muse, John 000130 & NDP Det's
Mussey, Gen.   WWLM
Myers, Dr.   TOMA
Nalgae, Whippett H000017 Pamunkey Indian Scout
Nashville, Tenn. 000594  
National Detective 000605 J. D. Headley
National Detective Police H000022 Lavaque, William
National Detective Police, U.S. 000335 U.S. Secret Service
Naylor, Joshua S.   MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 205
Naylor's Stable   299 E. St, Washington; LAS Roll 5; 415
NDP Reports 000877 (Potter Papers); Bound Transcripts
Nelson, Mrs. 000145 David Herold's sister
Nelson, Mary E.   MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 291
Nelson, Samuel 000412  
Nevins, Blanche H000194  
New York Investigation 000327 NDP (Begun October '64)
Newcom, John Churchill 000879 Murdered in Loudon Co. Va.; Lincoln Researcher
Newman, Mrs. 000685 Ordered paid $5139.25 by Col. Hurst for damages to her property, etc.
Newman, Richard 000818 2-19-83
Newspaper 000832 The Indianapolis Star
Nice, Emily and Eugene   TOMA
Nichols, Dr. Charles H.   MFT
Nichols, George 000870 Re: Mosby
Nicholson, Alfred O. P. 000381  
Nickel, Joe 000780 0121
Nicolay, John 0011; P0011 TOMA; WWLM; CPLM
Noble, Samuel 000626  
Nolan, Robert 000548 Married into the Watson Family
Norton, Marcus. P.   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 210
Norville, William 121 Blockade Runner
Notary Publics — Indiana 000564  
Nothe, Mr.   MI — Mudd Testimony p 9, 17
Nott, Mr.   MI — Mudd Testimony p 17
Novel, Gordon 000702  
O'Beirne, James R. (Gen.) 0076 PCHW Vol. X, pg. 225; TOMA; WWLM; MFT
O'Dwyer, William H000207 NDP Special Squad ; With Walker & Headley
O'Grady, Lani 000701  
O'Laughlin, Michael (?) H000012 John Henry Stevenson
O'Laughlin, Michael (See Stevenson) 0012; P0012-A SD (throughout); PCHW Vol. VII, pg. 205; TOMA; WWLM; MFT; MI - Mudd Testimony — p. 12 etc.
O'Neil, James 121 Blockade Runner
O'Toole, George 000744 0060
Oil Drilling Rig H000241 Keystone Driller Co.; Louis Pence; Russell Weaver
Olcutt, Col. H. S.   WWLM; MFT
Oldroyd, Osborn H. 00125 WWLM (author)
Olin, Justice   WWLM
Opdedeck, Francis 121 Blockade Runner
Opdyke, George 000432  
Ord, Major Gen. E. O. C. 000473 WWLM
Order of American Knights 000474  
Orme, Lemuel L.   MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 266
Osborn, Sam'l, Pvt. Newsom's Tenn. Cav. 000685 L.R. 455; Report of Lt. Col. Reed on his murder
OTTO; Ltr. (Original) 000864 RE: Henry J. Eager & Co.; McGinnis; L. C. Baker
Our Rebel 0100  
Owensby, Betty J. 000781 00122
Ozier, His Scouts 000869  
Ozier, Joseph D. Col. 000673 Newsom's Cav.
Paine, Lewis 0043; P0043 PCHW Vol. VII, pg. 205, 211; Vol. VIII pg. 278; WEBB — St. Albans raid?; TOMA; MFT; WWLM
Palmer, Albert M. 121 Blockade Runner
Parker, John 000340 T-B Paper 3713; LAS 6-513 & 530
Parker, John F. 0081 WWLM
Parr, David Preston 000538 See also LAS files
Parr, David Preston H000210  
Parsons, John E.   See Henry Deringer's Pocket Pistol; Xerox Copy of the Book
Parsons, William Wood 000833 President; Indiana State Normal School
Passamaquoddy 000696 Mrs. Martha Basto
Passmore, Barbara Rourk 000690 WPE; ISU
Patch, General   TOMA
Patrick, Gen.   WWLM
Patterson, Doris 000715 Wife of J. R. Patterson; See 0012
Peabody, George 000450  
Pearce, James Alfred 000399  
Pearson, Clem 000134 With Henry Johnson
Peck, General   TOMA
Pegram, Colonel   TOMA
Peirce, Capt. Thomas 121 Blockade Runner
Pelham, Capt. Harry   TOMA
Pence, Eliza H000242 Her Farm; Louis Pence
Pence, Eliza H000246 Pic. of her farm in 1940
Pence, Lewis 000316 See deed to farm purchased by Elisa Pence
Pence, Lewis H000121 Mr. & Mrs.
Pence, Louis A. H000241 With Russell Weaver & Drilling Rig
Pence, Louis A. H000245 With John Rodgers & Capt. Boyd, CSA
Pence, Louis A. & Team H000243  
Pence, Louis A. & Team H000244  
Pendel, Thomas   WWLM
Pendleton, George H. 000627 Of Ohio
Pennsylvania Cavalry H000019 John Frick, Col., 8th Pa. Cavalry
Peren, Greg 000786 0112
Perkins, J. S. 121 Blockade Runner
Perry, William 121 Blockade Runner
Peterson, T. B.   MFT
Peyton, (Kent, Ficklin & Peyton; Va.)   See Ficklin, B. F. 000306
Phillips, Henry B.   WWLM
Phillips, Wendell 000367  
Phinizy, Fernando 000498  
Piatt, Donn   WWLM
Pierrepont, Edward   WWLM
Pierson, Clem 000134 With Henry Johnson
Pierson, Clement 000138  
Pinkerton, Alan 000617 TOMA (See also Major E. J. Allen); WWLM (See also Sun Classics Pictures file no. 616)
Pitman, Benn   En. Amer. Vol. 22, P. 121; WWLM; MFT
Pitts, Edwin C.   TOMA
Plank, Gary R. 000784 0114
Pleasanton, General   TOMA
Polk, James K.   CPLM — p. 14
Pollock, W. G. 000105  
Pollock, W. G. 0075; P0075 CPLM — p. 4
Polygraphs 000645 The Stoelting Co.; 1350 S. Kostner Avenue; Chicago, Ill. 60623
Pomeroy, Mark M.   WWLM
Poore, Benjamin P.   WWLM; MFT
Pope, Gen.   WWLM
Pope, Matthew J.   MFT
Port Tobacco   WWLM
Porter, Admiral   WWLM
Porter, Commander H000068  
Porter, Dr. George   TOMA; WWLM
Porter, Horace   WWLM
Porterfield, John   WEBB, p. 3
Porterfield, Mr.   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 14
Potter, Alice Cooper 000241  
Potter, Andrew 000130 With John Wilson, John Muse, James Carmichael, Herold Weber NDP Detectives
Potter, Andrew 000173  
Potter, Andrew H000087  
Potter, Bertrand 000216  
Potter, Caleb 000179  
Potter, Caleb H000092  
Potter, Caleb P000003 000179; Tintype; alone; Head-and-shoulders
Potter, Caleb & Winetta; 000179 & 000275 P000013 He sitting and she standing 000010-4
Potter, Charles B. 000205  
Potter, Clara 000170  
Potter, Clara Ann Snook 000152  
Potter, Clyde H000088  
Potter, Clyde R. 000160  
Potter, David Elliott 000155  
Potter, Earl H000089  
Potter, Earl William 000158  
Potter, Earl William 000158 P000001 Tintype; standing with hat in hand; alone; 000010-01
Potter, Elizabeth 000198 D. 11 yrs. File 193
Potter, Elizabeth Ann 000212  
Potter, Elliott 000214  
Potter, Elliott J. 000274  
Potter, Elwood 000171  
Potter, Elwood H000196  
Potter, Franklin Amos 000163  
Potter, Frederick 000182  
Potter, Frederick H000069 Blockade Runner
Potter, George A. 000205  
Potter, Hattie 000192  
Potter, Hebor 000194  
Potter, Hebor H000095 With L. C. Baker
Potter, Helen 000236  
Potter, Henry B. 000200  
Potter, Henry J. 000227  
Potter, Henry John 000154  
Potter, Hill 000218  
Potter, Howard H000097  
Potter, Isaac Milton 000187  
Potter, Jacob 000180  
Potter, James 000101  
Potter, James 000168  
Potter, James 000234  
Potter, Jeanette 000162 m. Scott
Potter, Jeanette Prentice 000276  
Potter, Jewett 000188  
Potter, John C. 000221  
Potter, John H. 000208  
Potter, John Nance 000230  
Potter, Joseph 000172  
Potter, Joshua 000118 1856: Lansing, Michigan
Potter, Joshua 000193  
Potter, Josiah 000178  
Potter, Judith Harley 000204  
Potter, Leona Harper 000229  
Potter, Linwood H000090 Lansing, Mich. 1856
Potter, Louis (Lewis) 000183  
Potter, Louise 000186 Filed with 000175
Potter, Lucas 000219  
Potter, Lucella 000197 d. 12yrs. File 193
Potter, Luke 000196  
Potter, Luther B. 000157  
Potter, Luther, Jr. H000075  
Potter, Luther, Sr. H000075  
Potter, Lyle J. 000225  
Potter, Margaret 000195 D. as infant File 193
Potter, Mark H000074  
Potter, Mary 000169  
Potter, Mary A. 000210  
Potter, Mary Ann 000232  
Potter, Mary Ann Hovey 000166  
Potter, Michael 000190  
Potter, Mildred 000184 Filed with 000175
Potter, Millard 000155 NDP
Potter, Millard 000181  
Potter, Millicent Kelly H000085  
Potter, Molly 000202 D. 10 yrs. File 193
Potter, Molly Henderson 000176  
Potter, Morris K. 000201  
Potter, Nancy 000237  
Potter, Nancy Cooper 000240  
Potter, Nancy J. 000223  
Potter, Nathan B. 000153  
Potter, Nathan B. H000203 With son William B.
Potter, Nathan R. 000151  
Potter, Paul 000189  
Potter, Paul 000199 D. 10 yrs. File 193
Potter, Paul 000235  
Potter, Paul H000098  
Potter, Peggy Sue 000224  
Potter, Peter B. 000116  
Potter, Phillip R. 000222  
Potter, Ralph C. 000207  
Potter, Robert N. 000231  
Potter, Robert S. 000220  
Potter, Roscoe 000215  
Potter, Sally 000164 D. Infant; Filed with 000151
Potter, Sally Ames 000191  
Potter, Samuel 000203  
Potter, Samuel A. H000074  
Potter, Samuel A. H000088  
Potter, Sarah 000185 Filed with 000175
Potter, Silas 000217  
Potter, Silas M. 000175  
Potter, Simon L. 000156  
Potter, Sue Ann Baylor 000228  
Potter, Sue Ann Hankins 000239  
Potter, Sue Ellen H000085  
Potter, Susan 000161 m. Kimbel
Potter, Susan 000211  
Potter, Susan 000233  
Potter, Susan Hale 000159  
Potter, Susan Marie 000213  
Potter, Susan Marie Weaver 000255  
Potter, Thomas 000167  
Potter, Thompson H000074  
Potter, Timothy 000165  
Potter, William 000209  
Potter, William B. H000203 With his father, Nathan
Potter, William R. 000102  
Potter, Winetta Tuscara 000275  
Potter, Winetta Tuscara H000092  
Potter; Family Record 000277  
Powell, (Jamison, Ficklin & Powell & Co.)   See Ficklin, B. F. 000306
Powell, Benjamin   MFT
Powell, Lewis   MFT
Powell, Lewis T. H000229 With Susan Cook
Powell, Lewis Thornton 000644 His 4th cousin Littleton, S.A.
Powell, The Rev. George C.   MFT
Prentice, Capt. W. R.   WWLM
Prentice, George D.   TOMA Editor Louisville Journal
Prentice, Jeanette 000276 m. Potter
Preston, Judge Walter A.   TOMA
Price, Gen. Sterling   TOMA
Prince George County 000614 Maryland
Prince William County 000812 (Va.)
Pritchard, John T. 121 Blockade Runner
Property, Captured and Abandoned Act 000513  
Purdy, Robert 0113 Ref: Stevenson's diary p. 24; C. T. misc. items p. 87; WWLM p. 246; A Mr. Purdy — TOMA — p. 114
Putnam, E. H. 121 Blockade Runner
Putnam, George P.   TOMA
Putnam, Israel 121 Blockade Runner
Queen, Dr.   TOMA; CPLM — p. 8
Quessenberry, Mrs.   MFT
Quinine Smuggling 000329 Stoner/Steiner
Rachman, M. 000733 0032
Randall, Hon. Samuel J.   WWLM
Randolph, Capt.   TOMA
Randolph, G. W., Hon.   See Ficklin, B. F. 000306
Random House   457 Madison Avenue; New York City, New York; Phone: PI 1-2600
Ranney, Rufus Percival 000485  
Rath, Lieut. Col. Christian   MFT
Rathbone, Henry R., Major 0077 TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Raymond, Henry J. 000427  
Rebel War Clerks Diary   By John B. Jones (Xerox Copy)
Reitmulder, James R.   Stackpole Books; Box 1831; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Reports, NDP 000877 Potter Papers
Research Devices 000654 I-R Scanners; 616 Springfield Avenue; Berkeley Heights, N.J. 07922
Reward: Lincoln Assassination See 000554 Richard Wilson
Reynolds, Gen.   TOMA
Rhodes, James F.   WWLM
Richards, James W.   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 260
Richards, Major A. C.   WWLM; MFT
Richards, Mrs. Randolph F. 000749 0069
Richter, Hartman 0112; P0112  
Rickards, Wm. M. L., M.D. 000322 Baker's Doctor
Ricketts, Gen. James Brewerton 000850  
Riddle, Albert Gallatin   WWLM
Riley, Richard 121 Blockade Runner
Ringgold, C. W. 121 Blockade Runner
Risvold, Lloyd 000678 A Vigilante
Ritchie, Albert   WWLM
Rives, John Cook 000452  
Rives, William C. 000451  
Roark Family of Tennessee 000648 E. Roark Pvt., Co. K 18th (Newsom's) Tenn. Cav.; Wm. H. Roark See 000649
Roark, W. H., Pvt. 000674 Co. D, 18th (Newsom's) Tennessee Cavalry
Roark, William H., 3rd Lt. 000649 18th (Newsom's) Tennessee Cavalry
Roberts, John 121 Blockade Runner
Roberts, Marshall Owen 000357  
Robey, F. A.   TOMA
Robinson, Charles H000213  
Robinson, Dolly H000211  
Robinson, Martin H000212  
Robinson, Rose H000183  
Robinson, Rev. Stuart   WWLM
Robinson, Serg. George F.   MFT
Roby, Leonard S.   HSS — p. 489; MI — Mudd Testimony p. 216
Rockwell, Barney H000057  
Rodgers, John H000245 With Capt. Boyd, CSA & Louis Pence
Rodgers, John, Capt. H000025  
Rodman, Gen.   TOMA
Rogers, Capt. John R. 0025; P0025 Codicil Hearing ; L. C. Baker D000-001
Rogers, Congressman A. J.   WWLM
Rogers, John, Captain H000025 Also Spelled Rodgers
Rogers, Elizabeth   TOMA
Ropes, John C.   WWLM
Rosa, Joseph G. 000754 0076; Middlesex, England
Rosch, Charles H.   MFT
Roscoe, Theodore 000667  
Rosecrans, General   TOMA
Ross, Edmond G., Senator   CPLM — p. 12
Rourk, 000690 See Passmore, Barbara
Rowark, William H. 000672 Private, Co. A, Newsom's Tennessee Cavalry; Most likely the man who shot James Boyd
Rucker, Prof. J. J. H000182  
Ruggles, Mortimer B., Lieut. 0088 TOMA, p. 280 Statement re Booth at Ferry; WWLM; MFT
Rummel, Mrs. Fred J. 000729  
Runion, Reuben & Wife H000180  
Russell, Linda 000853  
Russell, Priscilla V. H000223 Mrs. W. A. Browning
Rutley, William 000785 00113
Ryan, W. H.   TOMA
Sahels, J. B. 121 Blockade Runner
Saloman, Governor   WWLM
Sampson, Thomas, Det.   MFT
Sander, Capt., CSA See 000651 Forrest's Scouts; Sander's Ind. Scouts
Sanders, George N. 000486 WEBB, p. 3 ; TOMA; CPLM — p. 12
Saunders, T. C. 121 Blockade Runner
Savidge, Harry 000770 0049
Schaeffer, E. M., Dr. 000298  
Schlotterbeck, Henry 000613 Of Slotter & Co., Made Derringers; Associated with L. C. Baker
Schofield, General   TOMA
Schroeder, Va. Kenzie M. 000728 0027
Schurz, Carl 000487  
Scott, Clarence   TOMA
Scott, General   TOMA
Scott, George   WEBB, St. Albans raid
Scott, Henry 000249  
Scott, James P.   Ref: JAG file #327
Scott, James S. 121 Blockade Runner
Scott, Jeanette Potter 000162  
Scott, John Armat H000007  
Scott, John Edward 0007; P0007  
Scott, Kate 0045  
Scott, Kate H000072  
Scott, Kate; Papers 000867 Purchased from Grant Dunbrack in early 50's
Scott, Thomas A.   Asst. Sec. Of War; HSS, p. 118
Scouts in W. Tenn. 000869 Ozier's Scouts
Seaman, William M. 000718 0017
Seaton, William W. 000385  
Secret Service, C.S.A. 000336  
Secret Service, U.S. 000335 National Detective Police
Seddon, (Confederate Secr. Of War)   TOMA; CPLM, p. 3
Servoss, Thomas Lowery 000499  
Seward, Fanny   MFT
Seward, Frederick 0074 TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Seward, William H. 0072 Na file — TAGO T. B. papers file 3063; Letter to Turner re: William Watson; TOMA; WWLM; MFT; CPLM — p. 14
Seymour, Horatio 000500 (Gov. of NY)
Shackman, Arthur O. 000773 0052
Shaffer, David 000751 0071
Sharf, Thomas   TOMA
Sharp, Lieut.   WWLM
Shartel, Stratton 000767 0045
Shaw, (Walker, Ficklin, & Shaw; N.O.)   See Ficklin, B. F. 000306
Shaw, Capt. G. S.   WWLM
Shaw, Henry 000135  
Shaw, Henry 000307 St. Louis; See also Missouri Botanical Gardens
Shaw, Walter   TOMA
Shea, George   WWLM
Sheffield, Joseph Earl 000493  
Shelton, Vaughan 000706  
Shepherd, William G.   TOMA; WWLM
Sheridan, Phillip H., Gen. 000434  
Sherman, General William T. 000433 TOMA; WWLM
Shine, Lisa H. 000765 00105
Sillick, John 000228 Potter Collection
Sillick, John H. 000580  
Simms, Mary   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 106
Simms, Mary Jane   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 170
Simonton, J. P. 000834 TOMA
Sims, Milo   MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 116
Singleton, James W. (Gen.) 000470 WEBB, cotton speculation; WWLM
Skinner, Richard Edward   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 273
Sky, Augustus 0121 Blockade Runner
Slidell, John 000351 TOMA
Sloan, Richard Lincoln Log 000638  
Slough, Gen.   WWLM
Smalley, William 121 Blockade Runner
Smallwood, John P.   MFT
Smith, Cornelius 121 Blockade Runner
Smith, George H000199 Det., City of Phila.
Smith, George H. 000309 (Detective, Mayor's Office, Phila.); Card found among George Atzerodt's possessions
Smith, George Whyte   TOMA
Smith, Gerrit 000369  
Smith, H. Louis H000200 Belleville, Fla. 1859
Smith, Henry Boynton 000373  
Smith, Hugh 000589 Realtor in Indianapolis; Furnished copies of Julian Diary
Smith, James E. 121 Blockade Runner
Smith, Jeremiah 000562 See also MFT; Vaughan Shelton
Smith, Maj. H. W.   MFT
Smith, Marshal John L.   TOMA
Smith, Hugh   In 1932 some papers which came into the possession of the Indiana State Library showed a conspiracy against the life of A. Lincoln as early as 1863. There was a Governor O. P. Morton involved. O. P. Morton was a Rep. Governor of Indiana who for more that a year refused to let the legislature meet and he ruled as dictator. He was referre to a King Ollie, the First. Gov. Morton's papers were among many of those received. Also, there were some papers of Gov. Andrews of Mass. Along with many others. There were papers which were submitted by a Mr. Hood to Gov. Morton which showed that Mr. Hood was someone high in the conspiracy. The papers have never been published and were put away because they were of questionable veracity. Mr. Smith states that he was in close association with the library and that he saw all of the papers. He said that close examination made him believe that they were genuine. The former librarian has since retired. Sept. 13, 1960. May 1961
Smith, Devola Powell 000796 0099
Smith, Oswald   TOMA
Smith, Rufus 121 Blockade Runner
Smith, Walter W. 121 Blockade Runner
Smith-Brady Commission Report   Index & Summary Report; Record Gp 94, N.A.
Smith-Brady Commission Report 000546 Also Cotton Claims & Presidents respone to Congressional resolution calling for S-B report.; Index & Final report on Microfilm in Microfilm Col.
Smoot, Richard Mitchell   TOMA
Smugglers 000329 Col. Stoner (Steiner)
Smugglers; General file 000337  
Snook, Clara Ann 000152 m. Potter
Snyder, Claire 000665  
Snyder, Sally 000697 AKA Sarah Stratton, Actress; Sally Elizabeth Snyder (*birth name); Sarah Elizabeth Stratton; Sally Elizabeth Goodman
Sons of Liberty 000474 TOMA
Southern Bank of Kentucky 000859  
Spangler, John   TOMA
Spangler, Ned 0068 TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Spaulding, E. G.   WWLM
Spear, Marcus   WEBB, St. Albans raid
Special Investigation 1870 NDP 000328 Lewis Wallace, Special J.A.
Special Squad, NDP H000207 Walker; Headley; O'Dwyer
Special Study: Booth Doubles 000885 Thomas McGittigan; Michael St. John ; And Booth, J. W.
Special Study; Wilkes, J. B. 000578 Last Will and Testiment
Speed, James, Attorney General 000467 TOMA; WWLM; MI
Spencer, Rachel   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 120
Spinks, Nellie J. 000794 0101
Spinner, Francis Elias 000443  
Spofford, Richard S.   WWLM
Sprunt, James 000494  
St. Helan, John   TOMA; See 00164 Michael St. John
St. John, Michael 000164 Booth Double; other was Thomas McGittigan (000283)
St. Lawrence Hall 000876 Register
St. Mary's Brewery H000070 Group of men in front of
Stanton Family Atty. 000661 Dawson, R. H.; Midland, Texas
Stanton Heir 000660 L. Stanton Dotson
Stanton, David   WWLM
Stanton, E. M. 0046 WWLM; MFT; WEBB; TOMA; CPLM
Stebbins, E. M.   TOMA
Steele, Capt. Johnathon W. 121 — 122 Captain of Banshee — 122; Blockade Runner — 121
Steele, General   TOMA
Steinacher, Henry Von   TOMA
Steiner, Otto 000147  
Steiner, Otto, Col. CSA 000329 See also Stoner, Col.; T-B papers 02-485
Steiner, Ursula 000148  
Steiner, Ursula 000329 Wife: Col. Steiner
Stephen, Alexander 000628 V-P of CSA
Stern, Isaac; Smuggler 000331 T-B Paper 02-485
Stern, Jacob; Smuggler 000332 T-B Papers 02-485
Stern, Philip Van Dorn See 000825  
Stevens, Thaddeus 000454 TOMA; WWLM; CPLM — p. 14
Stevenson, Harry 0016; P0016 TOMA
Stevenson, Harry Jerome H000016  
Stevenson, John H. 0012; P0012 (See O'Laughlin); TOMA
Stevenson, John Henry H000012 Michael O'Laughlin (?)
Stewart, Dr. Richard H. 000611 See Stuart; WWLM; MFT
Stewart, Joseph B.   WWLM
Stewart, Joseph, Sgt. Newsom's Cav. 000685 L. R. 455; Report of Lt. Col. Reed on his murder
Stewart, Robert Burns, Judge 000855 Clay County, Indiana
Stewart, Senator   WWLM
Stewart, Susan   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 218
Stidfole, Joseph E. 00147 Husband of Sarah — 0148; Attorney in Phila. —; Wrote L. C. Baker's Will; Member of law firm of Brewster et al; MFT
Stidfole, Sarah 00148 Wife of Joseph E. — 00147
Stidger, Felix 000137  
Stidger, Felix 0051  
Stodghill, H. W.   TOMA
Stoelting Co. 000645 Polygraphs
Stokes, Edwin F. 000565 A. Potter's Writer; Indianapolis
Stoll, George 121 Blockade Runner
Stone, Judge Frederick   TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Stoner, Col. See 000329 Steiner, Col. Otto, C.S.A.
Stonestreet, Charles H., Rev.   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 298
Strader, Orville D. 000772 0051
Stratton, Sarah, Sally 000697 Sally Snyder
Strother, Mary 000714 Arcola, Miss.; 0011
Stuart, Dr. Richard 000611 TOMA
Stuart, General   TOMA
Stutsman, Gary L. 000746 0065
Sullivan, James M. 121 Blockade Runner
Sumerson, Margaret 000884  
Sumner, Charles 000350 WWLM; CPLM — p. 14
Surratt, Anna   WWLM; MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 20, 302; MFT
Surratt, Isaac D. 000556  
Surratt, John 0005; P0005 TOMA; WWLM; MFT; MI — Mudd Testimony p. 5 etc.; CPLM p 3, 11
Surratt, Mary 0004; P0004 TOMA; WWLM; MFT; MI — Mudd Testimony - p. 7 etc.; CPLM — p. 2
Swager, Charles M.   WEBB, St. Albans raid
Swaim, E. H. 000658 Eden, Texas; Has the Barbee Papers???
Swann, Oswald   TOMA
Swann, Thomas 000377  
Swasey, H. E. 121 Blockade Runner
Sweeney, Theodore W.   En. Amer. Vol. 26, p. 125; PCHW; TB papers file 2083
Swift, Rheuvan H000181  
Swingley, Alfred L. , Lt. Col. 000676 Newsom's Tenn. Cav. (Forrest's Cavalry)
Szudy, Ronald 000762 0087
Taft, Dr. Charles S.   WWLM
Tana, Kathleen 000803 0092
Tanner, Corp. James   WWLM
Taylor, Col. J. H.   TOMA
Taylor, Major Walker   WWLM
Taylor, Morgan, M.D. H000208 Member of Prisoner Commission, C.S.A.
Taylor, W. Marshall 000150 Register of Wills, Philadelphia D000001
Teachers Annuity & Insurance Assn. 000632 TIAA
Telegrams; re: J. W. Booth 00124 Get Sam March 27, 1864; Don't you fear to neglect your business 3-13-64; Ship no oysters April 2 © 1968 RAN
Tennessee State Library 000596  
The Critical Year; Beale, Howard See 000073 Re: Andrew Johnson 000073
Thiel, Vincent 0014; P0014-A; P0014-B  
Thiel, Vincent H000014 Thiele, Vincent (Pronounced tee-lee)
Thiele, Vincent H000014  
Thomas, Daniel J.   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 89, 256
Thomas, John   Ref: JAG file #327
Thomas, John C.   Ref: JAG file #327; MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 123
Thomas, Lorenzo, Maj. Gen.   MFT
Thomas, William P. 000333 Ref: JAG file #327; T-B Papers - Case 1039 (1732 — 452)
Thomasson, Kermon 000839 Editor, The Messenger
Thompson, Col.   WWLM
Thompson, Jacob 000107  
Thompson, Jacob 0059 TOMA; WWLM; CPLM — p. 3, 8, 12
Thompson, Jeremiah 000495  
Thompson, John C.   TOMA; MI — Mudd Testimony -p. 134
Thompson, Moses 121 Blockade Runner
Thompson, W. G. 121 Blockade Runner
Thompson, Wayne 000721 0020
Thornton, Bessie S. 000730 0029
Thorpe, Thomas B. 000391  
Thumb,Tom H000018 Mr. & Mrs., Stratton
Thumb, Tom 0018; P0018  
Tinklanburg, John 121 Blockade Runner
Tipping, Frank (See Lemos) 000563 AKA Lemos, Marcellus
Tolbert, William Martin, Capt. 0086 TOMA
Tomkins, Charles H., Col.   MFT
Torbert, Alfred 000436  
Toucey, Isaac 000409  
Townsend, George Alfred 000602 TOMA, p. 280 — man at Garretts; New York World; WWLM
Trafton, G. W. (Lt. Col.) 0024; P0024  
Trafton, G. W., Lt. Col. H000024 7th Illinois Cavalry
Travis, Squire T.   WEBB. St. Albans raid
Trescott, George F. 121 Blockade Runner
Trotter, Peter   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 249
Tucker, Judge Beverly 000488 TOMA; WWLM; CPLM, p.12
Tully, Andrew J. 000164 NDP
Turner, Horace 00126 Col., CSA
Turner, Horace H000083 Col. CSA
Turner, Horace; 000126 P000007 Alone, Standing with his hat on and his hand in his coat 000010-18
Turner, John L.   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 285
Turner, Levi C. 000317 Capt., Brevet Major & JA; Turner-Baker Papers
Turner-Baker Papers   Microcopy
Tuscara, Winetta 000275 m. Potter
Tuscara, Winetta (Potter) H000092  
Twentieth Century Plastics 000694 Photo Holders, binders, etc.
Tyler, Lyon G.   TOMA
Tyson, Isaac   Married Anna Kelly — lived in Baltimore son*Isaac — Turner-Baker papers #303 father Isaac — JAG file #327 (See file 0113)
Tyson, John Boyd 0113; P0113 Ref: N.A. JAG file #327; T/B papers #303; See file 0113A
U.S. Census 000888 Miscellaneous indexes (1840, 1850)
U.S. Court of Claims 000512  
Underwood, John C. 000458  
Underwood, Joseph Rogers 000459  
Urquhart, Dr. 00212 MFT
Usner, John P. 0098 WWLM
Vails, Alexander, Pvt. 000684 Newsom's Tenn. Cav.; With Col. Aoier; Murdered; Atrocity by Hurst See L.R. 455; Report by Forrest's Cav.
Vale (Vails), Alex 000685 L.R. 455; Report of Lt. Col. Reed on his murder
Valelio, Rebecca H000031 AKA Helen Western
Valen, Jeanette H000056 Daughter of L. C. Baker & Mary Watson
Valen, Jeanette (Jennie) 000303  
Valen, Jeanette D'Arcy 000113  
Vallandigham, Clement L. 0058 TOMA
Vallileo, Rebecca 000286 AKA Helen Western, Dancer; One of Booth Women 000287
Van Duzer, John C. 000313 Capt. & Assistant Q.M.; U.S. Military Telegraph; Nashville, Tenn.
Vance, Zebulon B. 000569 Gov. of N.C.
Vanderbilt, Cornelius 000359  
Velkas, Frank 000633 Publisher (?) of History Bulletin; 207 Valentine Streeet, Bennington, Vt. 05201
Verdi, T. S., Dr.   MFT
Verplanck, Gulian C. 000392  
Vincent, Rev. Martin R.   WWLM
Von Steinacker, Henry   WWLM
Voorhees, Daniel W.   TOMA
Waddell, Capt.   TOMA
Wade, Decius Spear 000489  
Wade, Senator Benjamin Franklin 000343 WWLM
Wagner, Mrs. L. H. 000807 0088
Waite, Major John M.   WWLM
Walker, Ficklin & Shaw (N.O.)   See Ficklin, B. F. 000306
Walker, James E. Pappy H000207 NDP Special Squad; With Headley & O'Dwyer
Walker, Samuel Preston 000540  
Walker, Samuel Preston See 0000360 New Orleans Commission Merchant; Memphis (186) Tenn. Cotton Speculator; Walker of Walker, Ficklin & Shaw; See JAG report of 1864 Walker, S. P.; See LAS file # 0735 Roll 3
Walker, William 000360 General U.S.A.
Walker, William 000515 Adventurer
Wall, Henry C. & Co. 000344 T-B Case #1039; Se also 000333; Potter # T-71 Thomas, Wm. P.
Wallace, Caleb M.   CA; WEBB, St. Albans raid
Wallace, Lew (Judge Advocate) 284 WWLM; TOMA; MFT
Wallace, Lewis 000328 Special Judge Advocate; Special Investigation; 1870 — NDP; Special File
Wallace, William 000341 Guerilla; Willie Jett's Brother-in-law; See T*B Papers
Wallack, James W.   TOMA
Waller, J. W.   TOMA
Walsh, Ann 000822 2-19-83 Ref: Sun Classics
Walsh, Valentine 121 Blockade Runner
Walton, John R.   TOMA
Ward, Anna   MFT
Ward, Annie 000123  
Ward, Frederick, Gen.   TOMA
Wardell, James A. 000866 NDP Detective; Interviewed by O. H. Oldroyd
Warner, Dr. A. K.   TOMA
Warren, Hon. James 000814 McNary Co., TN
Washburne Report 000541  
Washington Defenses 000545  
Washington Investigation (NDP) 000326 Begun Oct. '63
Washington, Baptist   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 162, 164
Washington, Betty   MI — Mudd Testimony — p. 137, 242
Washington, Frank   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 157, 244
Washington, George   TOMA
Washington, George H000066  
Washington, Melvina   MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 114
Watergate 000601  
Waters, John   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 287
Waters, John 121 Blockade Runner
Waters, Joseph   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 288
Watkins & Ficklin   See Ficklin, B. F. 000306
Watson Biographer 000610 Earl E. Jones
Watson Family 000859 Cross to Southern Bank of Kentucky
Watson, Caroline 000533 Married Dickinson
Watson, Daniel 000151  
Watson, Daniel 0066 Executors: R. E. Finch; R. D. Watson 0067
Watson, E. W.   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 310
Watson, H.   ref: JAG file #327
Watson, James 00138 ref: JAG file #327
Watson, James H000069 Blockade Runner
Watson, James H000109  
Watson, Judith Rowena H000206 (Boyd)
Watson, Julia H000104  
Watson, Kermit   ref: JAG file #327
Watson, Mary 000302  
Watson, Mary H000112 Married D'Arcy
Watson, P. H. 0120 Ass't Sec. of War; HSS p. 125; NA — TB papers file: 107 Letter to him re: Smuggling; TMCW appendix; WWLM
Watson, R. D. 0067 MFT
Watson, Randolph 000532  
Watson, Robert Daniel H000084  
Watson, Roderick 121 Blockade Runner
Watson, Rowena H000150  
Watson, William 00132 ref: JAG file #327; MI — Mudd Testimony p. 291
Watson, William H000069 Blockade Runner
Watson, William H000111  
Weather Records; Dist. Of Columbia 000681 1865
Weaver, Fritz 000226 Potter Collection
Weaver, Mrs. Fritz 000227 Potter Papers
Weaver, Rev. Peleg 0260 TOMA
Weaver, Russell H000241 With Louis Pence & Drilling Rig
Weaver, Susan Marie 000255 m. Potter
Webb, James W. 000386  
Webb, Rufus; Chilly Hills Farm; RFD 1, Box 392; Gaithersburg, Maryland   Lincoln Assassination Research Areas; (Found in correspondence file)
Weber, Herold 000130 & Group of NDP Det's.
Weed, Thurlow 000491 WWLM
Weichmann, Louis J. 0083 TOMA; WWLM; MFT; MI — Mudd Testimony, p. 5, 36
Weitzel, Gen.   WWLM; WEBB, cotton spec.
Welch, T. 121 Blockade Runner
Welles, Gideon 0097 WWLM; MFT
Wells, H. H. 0116 Lt. Col., Provost Marsha l Gen.; Def. South of Potomac; NA file 3063 T-B papers, Record group 94 See file 0072; MI — p. 61, 58; TOMA; WWLM; MFT
Wells, James 0085 TOMA
Wells, Lewis   TOMA
Wentworth, John   EN. AMER. Vol. 29 p. 193; American journalist; ; b. Sandwich, N.H. March 5, 1815 ; d. Chicago, Ill. Oct. 16, 1888; He was graduated from Dartmouth in 1836 and in the same year went to Chicago, where for 25 years he was owner & editor of the Democrat. He studied law, and was admitted to the bar in 1841, and in 1843 elected to congress, where he served for six terms… in 1857 & 1860 he was elected mayor. In 1861 he dissolved his connection to the Democrat, but did not retire from active life for many years. He wrote, etc.
Wentworth, John P. H.   TOMA
Wermerskirch, Capt.   MFT
Western, Helen 000286 AKA Vallileo, Rebecca; One of Booth's Women 000287
Western, Helen H000031 Rebecca Valelio
Wetherton, William 121 Blockade Runner
White, Thomas 121 Blockade Runner
White, William 000108  
White, William 000292 ref: JAG file #327
White, William 121 Blockade Runner
White, William H000069 Blockade Runner
Whiteny, Eli G. 121 Blockade Runner
Whites Electronics; 1011 Pleasant Valley Road; Sweet Home, Oregon 97386 Alpha: M See under Metal Detectors
Whitney, Eli 000490  
Whittick, Basil 000163 NDP; With Thomas Brandt
Widdick, Preston (Pres) 000162 NDP
Wiggs, Peggy 000712 Pub File No. 0009
Wild Cat Den State Park; Route 3, Muscatine, Iowa 52761 000537 See also Gary Galliart, Conservation Officer
Wiley, Henry 000838 C. W. Military Record
Wilkes, Commodore   WWLM
Wilkes, J. B. 000578 Special Study on Last Will and Testament
Wilkes, J. B. 0009; P0009; P0037 TOMA; See File Box
Wilkes, John See file 000279 James O. Hall; Clipping re. John Wilkes release from Governor Island Oct. 4, 1861
Wilkes, John Byron H000009  
Wilkes, John Byron (India) 000064 See also file on will analysis 000578
Wilkes, John of Terre Haute 000886 See slao box on JWB, JW, and JBW
Wilkie, Chief   TOMA
Wilkins Genealogy 000857 Hottel
Wilkins Genealogy 000858  
Willett, Dulaney Dee 000732 0031
Williams, J. W. H000217 Mr. & Mrs.
Williams, J. Waters 000559  
Williams, Joe 0017; P0017  
Williams, Samuel 121 Blockade Runner
Williams, William   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 67
Willis, james H000215  
Wilson, Beth 000840  
Wilson, Charles 121 Blockade Runner
Wilson, Dr. Clarence True   TOMA
Wilson, Francis (author)   TOMA; WWLM
Wilson, Gen. James H. 000439 WWLM
Wilson, John 000130 & group of NDP Det's.
Wilson, John, Pvt. Newsom's Cav. 000685 L. R. 455; Report of Lt. Col. Reed on his murder
Wilson, Mrs. Steven K. 000840 Carrier Descendent; Beth Wilson
Wilson, Richard 000554 Inquiry re: Booth Reward
Wilson, Senator Henry   WWLM
Wilson, William C. 121 Blockade Runner
Wine Family in America 000861  
Winter, William   TOMA
Winthrop, Robert Charles 000397  
Wirz, Capt.   WWLM
Withers, William   TOMA; WWLM
Wood, Annie 000123 AKA Ward
Wood, Annie 000319 School teacher at Convent at 10th & G Sts. Wash.; Knew Surratts and B. F. Ficklin; Arrested
Wood, Col. William P.   WWLM
Wood, Dr. William   TOMA
Wood, Fernando 000401  
Wood, James   MFT
Wood, T. O. H000225 Potter W — 722
Wood, Thomas John 000492  
Woodall, Theodore   MFT
Woodring, Harry D.   TOMA
Woods, T. O. 0056  
Woodson, Weldon D. 000735 0034
Woodward, Joseph Janvier 000813  
Woodward, W. E.   WWLM
Woolley, John, Col.   MFT
Word, Frank   MI — Mudd Testimony p. 288
Wray, E. D.   WWLM
Wright, Edmund   TOMA
Wright, General   TOMA
Wright, Peter C.   TOMA
Writeway Literary Agency 000710 Dave Balsiger
Yates, Senator   WWLM
Young, Bennett H., Col.   CA; WEBB — St. Albans raid; TOMA
Young, Bennett, Lt. CSA H000091  
Young, Col. John 0079 TOMA
Young, Constance 000755 0078
Young, J. L. H000218  
Young, John L. 000560  
Young, John Luther H000219 (J. L.)
Zarate, Lucia   TOMA
Zarvonia, Col. Richard 000117  
Zarvonia, Richard Colonel 0139 First Maryland Zouaves
Ziegen, Joseph   TOMA

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