Power Plant   


Power Plant


Stanley Consultants, Inc


October 21, 1999


October 4, 2001


$16.86 million


Indiana State University's Power Plant facility is the culmination of thirteen years of planning, design and construction. The facility will serve as the base for the current and future energy needs of the University.

The exterior of the building compliments the campus architecture with its traditional brick and limestone, tall brightly-lit windows, and an illuminated clock tower that conceals three 85-foot high smokestacks.

The interior utilizes observational windows, mezzanines, and color coded piping systems to facilitate the education of students and the public about how a power plant functions. The control room is located near the center of the building providing the operator adjacent accesses to the water lab, boiler room, maintenance area, and water treatment room. The entrance to the plant is also in direct view of the control room.

The plant features many improvements over its 50-year-old predecessor, and will improve energy efficiency by approximately 14 percent. Environmentally, the plant should reduce emissions into the atmosphere by approximately 1.4 million pounds per year. It will also reduce significantly the inventories of corrosive and hazardous chemicals associated with the preceding water treatment system.