Fusion and FusionPlus have arrived! New webpac! New options!

Ok everyone who has been at Indiana State University since 1985: THERE IS NO MORE LUIS! Yes, through several opacs, we have been luis.indstate.edu for 25 years! That’s going to be a hard one to shake – attention, faculty: be sure to take out of your Syllabus/assignments all mention of LUIS. Now, it’s FUSION!

FusionPlus Opening Page
Three universities and one public library in one webpac!

Lots of new choices and a look that brings us up to date. Let us know if you have questions about any of the new features. Access Fusion from the Library’s newly redesigned Homepage, still at http://library.indstate.edu or go directly to http://fusionplus.indstate.edu/  for a fully searchable page:

Fusionplus Webpac opening page
Fusionplus Opening page

Or http://fusion.indstate.edu for a simple search box – you can still get to FusionPlus if you need it!

Fusion Webpac Searchbox
Fusion Webpac Searchbox


This is the DAY! We turn off the old library catalog [ goodbye luis.indstate.edu]  and do the final switchovers necessary for our users to see the NEW CATALOG, powered by Millennium/Innovative Interfaces, Inc.  [HELLO Fusion and FusionPlus]. Combined under the newly formed Library Consortium of Vigo County, you’ll be able to search ISU, Rose-Hulman and St. Mary-of-the-Woods, as before, JOINED by Vigo County Public Library. ALL 4 LIBRARIES WILL BE CLOSED AUGUST 16 FOR THE BIG MIGRATION

Accompanying this will be a re-designed home page for the Library.

Background: http://www.indstate.edu/news/news.php?newsid=2103

Finals Week, December 2009: Library Open 24 Hours = study time and food

During Final Exam Week (Dec. 13-18) the library will be open 24-Hours /Day starting on Sunday, December 13, at noon until Friday, Dec. 18, at 5 p.m. During final exam week, daily at 5 a.m. there will be a breakfast provided for students studying in the library. Snacks will be served throughout each night beginning at midnight. Thanks to all the ISU Deans who helped with funding the food [e.g. 40 pounds of bananas a day!]: Sauer, Merritt, Balch, Gatrell, Williams, Sims and Comer. Enrollment Management, Marketing, and Communications is providing the snacks.

Snacks and breakfast will be located in the Library’s 1st floor Events area. Snacks will include the Library’s usual great popcorn, as well as Kashi bars, assorted candy, bananas, apples, Clementines, almonds. Coffee, hot tea and cocoa will be available. Breakfast will include orange juice, cereal, milk, bread [toasters available], peanut butter and jelly.

Security: after 2 A.M., ISU Security will provide security; only ISU students will be admitted between 2 A.M. and 7:30 A.M.

Cup & Chaucer Cafe will extend its hours, to 10 P.M.

Library Getting Ready for New Student Orientation

Starting this week, and continuing thru June, ISU will be running its New Student Orientation Program. Running from noon until noon, with an overnight stay, incoming students and their parents will have a whirlwind orientation stay, ending with students getting advised and registered for Fall classes. Participants will have several opportunities to interact with the Library:

  1. Resource Fair: as parents & students arrive, before the big program begins, they can visit a resource fair with tables representing many campus areas, including the Library.
  2. Parents will have an opportunity to interact with librarians during a Social Hour preceding dinner. Hosted by the ISU Bookstore, librarians will give parents/family members an idea of the sorts of things they can do to help their student get ready for the world of academic research.
  3. During the morning advising and registration process, parents may take a campus tour and stop by the library. A librarian met with the student orientation leaders who will be conducting the tours, and has given them lots of information to share with the parents.
  4. Student Academic Services Center staff will be advising and registering students in two programs: Academic Open Preference and Open Preference. AOP students can stop by a Library display table, visit with librarians, and receive information after they have finished registering. OP students have the option of an informal orientation session, in the Library, after they have completed their registration, which takes place in the Library’s Instruction area.
  5. The Parent/Family member schedule ends around 6:30. The Library is open until 10pm. People who live nearby can actually get a Community Borrower’s card and use the same library their student will!