Feb. 19 & 20: ‘Inequality for All’ documentary showings – panel and live webcast!

‘Inequality for All’ showings set at Indiana State

Indiana State University will join colleges and universities around the country in hosting showings of the award winning documentary “Inequality for All,” featuring Robert Reich, who served as U.S. labor secretary under President Bill Clinton.

Inequality For All
Inequality For All

The showings are scheduled for Feb. 19 at 5:30 p.m., followed by a panel discussion with Indiana State faculty at 7 p.m., and on Feb. 20 at 7 p.m., followed by a live webcast with Reich at 8:45 p.m. Both showings will take place in the events area of Cunningham Memorial Library.

In the 2013 film, Reich addresses the growing inequality between rich and poor in America. “Inequality for All” combines biography with economic, political and historical analysis to examine the American distribution of wealth, measure the effects of concentrated wealth upon democracy and point to possible solutions within our own American past.

Scheduled panelists for the Feb. 19 discussion are Lisa Phillips, associate professor of history, Paul Burkett, professor of economics, and Katie Butwin, instructor in political science. Richard Lotspeich, professor of economics, will serve as local moderator for the Feb. 20 webcast that will include a question and answer session.

The presentations are sponsored by the departments of economics, political science, history and African and African American Studies; the American; Democracy Project; Office of Diversity; University College; and Cunningham Memorial Library.

Media contact: Dave Taylor, media relations director, Office of Communications and Marketing, Indiana State University, 812-237-3743  or dave.taylor@indstate.edu

By: Communications and Marketing Staff, ISU Communications and Marketing Staff
February 7, 2014 reposted

Equality Bake Sale: February 5, Library Lobby

Feminist Majority, the student group affiliated with Women’s Studies, is holding a $.77 Bake Sale on February 5th from  noon  to 4pm in the lobby of the Library. The $.77 Bake Sale draws attention to gender wage inequality in America, where, according to the latest figures, women make only $.77 for every $1.00 that men make. So, at this sale, women can spend $.77 for a cookie or brownie that would cost men $1.00. This sale also welcomes Lilly Ledbetter to ISU. As part of the University Speaker Series, Ledbetter will be speaking about her experiences with wage discrimination at Goodyear, the passing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the next steps toward workplace equality. Ledbetter speaks at Tilson Auditorium at 7pm. on February 5th.

Proceeds from the $.77 Bake Sale will go to the Women of ISU Scholarship. This scholarship directly addresses women’s wage earning potential by supporting non-traditional women students here at ISU.

Library Entrance Lobby = Venue for Bake Sales and more!

A group of students in a section of Communication 261 is conducting a Food Drive as part of their group project.  They will have a bin, in the lobby, from October 28th to November 15th.  The food will be donated to the Lighthouse Mission. Look for the Green bin.

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) will have a bin in the lobby to collect clothing for the Helping Hands Organization.  It will be in the lobby until the end of the week.

The Indian Student Association will be selling tickets to their Indian Global Night (HMSU – Nov 16) on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Both days from Noon to 4 pm.