Terre Haute Indiana Sunday June 27/80

The meeting was called to order by Past Master James Smith who presided as Master throughout the meeting.

The following members were present, Viz:

James Smith, Rugan, Dodson, McFarlane, Debs, Fox, Thompson & Saunders.

On motion Mr. Woodford Helms who had been balloted for and duly elected was admitted to full membership of the Order, before the regular business was taken up.

The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved. On motion Brother Saunders was granted a traveling card.

The Committee on Excursion reported that they had called on, but had failed to see Mr. Riley McKeen President of the Vandalia rail-road. The Committee thought it was getting late in the season for an excursion and therefore recommended that the project be abandoned. On motion the report of the committee was concurred in and the same discharged. The receipts of the meeting were $17.50

The meeting was then closed in form.

Close of the regular Meeting Sunday June 27/80

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