Kirk Collection

Popular Song Index
(Professional/Artist Song Sheets)
Parts 1-10: ca. 1900-1972

This material has been digitized.
Material published after 1923 is subject to copyright restrictions
so copies must be formally requested under fair-use guidelines.

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Arranged by Allen Keathley.
Part 1 compiled by Tara Pollock, Part 2-10 compiled by O'Dell Wintersteen
Revised by Dennis Vetrovec, Melissa Mauntel, Mandy Schmidt, O'Dell Wintersteen, and Robin Bradford

The collection contains approximately 7,500 popular songs published from approximately1900-1970. The grouping of professional/artist song sheets, which are on the average 22 x 28 cm. (8 1/2 x 11 in.), comprises a significant portion of the collection, 2,613 songs. Pagination varies, and many of the song sheets, particularly the older ones, are fragile. They were used by music and department stores to promote sheet music sales. The artist song sheets are housed separately from the popular sheet music and arranged in boxes by multiples of years. Select the group in which you wish to browse from the list below:

Professional/Artist Songs Part 1: 1900-1913 & no date
PDFs available for all dated records
Professional/Artist Songs Part 2: 1914-1919
PDFs available for all records
Professional/Artist Songs Part 3: 1920-1922
PDFs available for all records
Professional/Artist Songs Part 4: 1923-1929
PDFs available for 1923
Professional/Artist Songs Part 5: 1930-1939
Professional/Artist Songs Part 6: 1940-1941
Professional/Artist Songs Part 7: 1942-1944
Professional/Artist Songs Part 8: 1945-1947
Professional/Artist Songs Part 9: 1948-1951
Professional/Artist Songs Part 10: 1952-1971
Professional/Artist Songs Titles Only ca. 1900-1971
PDFs available selectively
Professional/Artist Songs Parts 1 - 10: ca. 1900-1971
(complete 930K file)

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