American Health Policy Research Project – Blog series (4 of 4)

American Health Policy Research Project

This special topic history course {HIST 313} looked at rules, regulations, policies and governmental functions and practices meant to reduce disease, promote health or to allow or promote the delivery of medical care. Students examined both public health policies and also policies that affect the provision of medical care, with a goal of understanding how the various complicated structures (physical, legal, political and professional) that the United States built in the past shape the American system of Health Care today. Each project relates to American health policies as they relate to women, as the presentations will be made available as part of Gender Studies’ Women’s History Month Colloquium events.

Each blog entry features posters created by the students. They are presented in the Library blog as a virtual poster session since in-person events are precluded under the strictures of Covid-19.

Teacher: Dr. Ruth Fairbanks {History Department; Gender Studies within the Multidisciplinary Studies Department}

The Better Baby Movement – 1 by Lisa Girard
The Better Baby Movement – 2 by Lisa Girard



Women in Clinical Trials by Lauren Jacob
Maternal Mortality and Racial Disparities by Shae Brinkley
California Pure Milk Bill by Emma Natalie